Monday, December 28, 2009


SonlitKnight: The 10 biggest political stories of 2009
Mark Steyn's important piece on ObamaCare

Show No. 252-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • The Onion: parody and satire news • 'Rock The Vote' & their ObamaCare video • Leftwing blogs gleeful over Pope attack • Winston Churchill quote about lies • Audio: New tax on Medicare • Audio: New tax on over-the-counter medication • Percy Sutton claims Islamo-extremist helped pay for Obama's Harvard education • Reading: Mark Steyn on ObamaCare •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: The Top 10 Politics Stories of 2009 • Obama doesn't care about Hawaii's small businesspeople • Audio: MSNBC uses the race card: 'Angry whites'

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Onion
Rock the Vote homepage
YouTube: Rock the Vote: Do not have sex with anyone who is against ObamaCare
Newsmax: Leftist blogs take glee in Pope attack
Brainy Quotes: Winston Churchill
YouTube: 62% payroll tax hike hidden in health care bill
YouTube: Big Phrama wins, new taxes on common drugs up toe 40%
American Thinker: Percy Sutton dies, his Obama revelation omitted from obits
Newsmax: Who is Khalid al-Mansour?
NRO: Cross the river, burn the bridge by Mark Steyn
Honolulu Advertiser: Obama visit restricts tours
Live Leak: MSNBC openly uses the race card, 'angry whites'

1 comment:

Jim McMahon said...

Not to split hairs, but after Blago goes to the joint, that will be 3 of the last 5 Illinois Governors to go to jail. Not 3 of 4 as SonlitKnight quoted.

Edgar and Thompson both managed to stay out of jail. So this office is only 60% corrupt, not 75%.

I wouldn't hold my breath on Blago either. I think he has the goods on Obama and the Daley machine. If he didn't, he'd be in jail or dead by now.