Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Great Ray Stevens Song: 'We The People'
Ben Nelson's deal screws every tax payer
Reid's provision to prevent repealing ObamaCare

Show No. 249-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: We cannot allow Reid, Pelosi, Obama et al, to steal our Christmas joy • Ray Stevens new song, 'We The People' • We need a Republican President willing to immediately repeal ObamaCare • Music continues: 'That Ain't My America' by Lynyrd Skynyrd • 'America Rising' by Jimmy Z (lyrics by SonlitKnight) • Reading: Ben Nelson and Bob Casey strike out • Rant: Ben Nelson's deal screws 49 states, every tax payer throughout the nation • How can Ben Nelson sleep at night? • Audio: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse whines about Republicans • Jimmy Z addresses Senator Whitehouse •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Harry Reid's provision to prevent future congresses from repealing the health care bill • Rant: What is the result of breaking the Senate rules? • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Reid's provision, reaction & analysis • Audio: Harry Reid & Mitch McConnell call for 'getting along' • Rule breaking in the Senate • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Reid's provisions, rule breaking • Audio: Jim DeMint • Debra JM Smith points out the Constitution's call for equal taxation • The battle ahead • Democrat Parker Griffith of Alabama switched parties to the GOP • Obama's latest poll numbers • Obama's tracking poll down 51 points in 11 months • Review: Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell making nice • Review: The Constitution forbids unequal taxation •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Ray Stevens, We The People
YouTube: Lynyrd Skynyrd, That Ain't My America
Paramount Communication: Nelson, Casey strike out
Washington Times: Foes of health care are birthers, right wing militias, Aryan groups
Atlas Shrugs: We are no longer a nation of laws
Debra JM Smith: Congressional taxes are to be uniform throughout the United States
The Politico: Parker Griffith switches parties to the GOP
Rasmussen Reports: Presidential Tracking Poll

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