Friday, November 4, 2011


A 'race factor' is always there according to James
Farrakhan on LeBron James, the NBA and the JEWS

Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum: Great interviews
Show No. 202-2011

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Opening • 'Racism' in the NBA: LeBron James does not get a championship • He's no Kobe Bryant, no Magic Johnson, no Michael Jordan • Audio: ESPN commentary: It's an 'absolute fact' that there's always a race factor in the NBA and NFL • The line is blurred - Athletes can never be viewed as humanitarian  • Black entertainers performing for non-black fans • Rant: If this is so bad for black athletes, they should just quit! • Players strike possible in the NBA • LebBron James is taking the backlash because of this blurred race factor • Deemed a failure if you don't win the big game • $14.5 million to play basketball • People are uncomfortable because James wants to switch teams • Audio: Breaking down Louis Farrakhan on LeBron James, the NBA & Jews • Farrakhan going through Jewish names • Playing in the NBA is working on the master's plantation • Rant: If you're an NBA slave, leave • Miami Heat making money off of 'three Negroes' • Farrakhan is either hating Jews, or naming Jews • Owners of teams get rich when athletes play (this is bad you see) • 'Every black man today that's rich, he has friendship with a Jewish person' -Louis Farrakhan • GOP debate coming tonight • YouTube Schmo talks about LeBron: Have you had your 'nigger moment'? • Bringing up playing the face card is insulting • Schmo says Jews are calling Obama Hitler • Charles Barkley on LeFraud James • Jesse Jackson invokes all kinds of slave issues •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • A few comments on Anthony's Weiner • Audio: LeBron James interview on CNN that started it all • Black players in the NBA: 82% in 2009 • NBA hails its own diversity • Writer figures LeBron James stands by what he says no matter how stupid he is • Critics of LeBron are racist • Audio: LeBron predicts at least 8 championships • LeBron is about business, you see • ESPN commentary: Very little effect on LeBron's image • Audio: More commentary on ESPN • Reading: Black protectionism rallies around LeBron James because others dislike him • Audio: Miami Heat players mock Dirk Nowitsky playing with a fever • Audio: Dirk Nowitsky takes the high road • Racist LeBron James: A loser in 2011 • Rant: Anthony Weiner's new pictures: Let him stay! • Obama silent on Weiner • DEBATE PREVIEW (or POSTVIEW) • Tim Pawlenty on Fox News Sunday • Rick Santorum on Meet the Press •


Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: LeBron James on the 'race factor' of his criticism
Wikipedia: Jalen Rose
YouTube: Farrakhan on LeBron James and Jewish control
Elvis Nixon: GOP debate tonight on CNN: What to watch for
YouTube: Farrakhan on LeBron James (commentary)
ESPN: NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks trip making life difficult on the Heat
YouTube: Charles Barkley destroys LeBron James
Newser: Jesse Jackson: Dan Gilbert acts like LeBron James is a 'runaway slave'
Bleacher Report: LeBron James and Maverick Carter: Racism a factor in decision
Bleacher Report: LeBron James thinks we're super duper duper racist
NBA: NBA gets high marks for diversity in new study
YouTube: LeBron's interview with ESPN
YouTube: LeBron James predicts Miami will win 8 championships or more
ESPN: LeBron James, manager Maverick Carter: Race played role in media coverage
USA Today: African American community continues to have LeBron's back
Hip Hop Wired: LeBron James says racism played a factor in public opinion
YouTube: Dirk responds to mocking over illness
Huffington Post: Eric Cantor: Dems should push harder for Weiner resignation
Human Events: Weiner is now considering resigning
Fox News Sunday: Interview with Tim Pawlenty
NBC News: Meet the Press interview with Rick Santorum

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