Saturday, November 19, 2011


Occupy San Diego's solidarity with WH shooter
Eagles QB Michael Vick is bankrupt (?)

Occupy (bowel) movement to get political
Show No. 211-2011


One Hour • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Weekend Show explained (and confused) • Audio: Van Jones on CNN talks about the Occupy mob • Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube • Occupy mob in NYC on the 17th much smaller than hoped for • Fecal analogies • Occupy is what America needs according to Van Jones • Van Jones on violence • Tea Party was entirely peaceful • Music: 'Fecal Matter Flies', John Denver song parody • Audio: White House shooter Oscar Ortega- Hernandez talks to Oprah Winfrey • Thinks he's the modern Jesus Christ • Feeling sorry for the guy • Audio: Occupy San Diego's moment of silence for White House shooter • No one at Occupy San Diego spoke out against the moment of silence • Audio: TMZ burns Michael Vick for being bankrupt • Some bloopers from the show •


Jz said...

Anonymous John: I warned you many times. You know the drill. I am not bound to publishing any of your comments. The writing you copied was about removing comments that have already been published, in a social networking site. That does not apply here. You were given plenty warnings. I published WAY more of your comments than I should have. Finally, I grew tired.

Jz said...

Once again, for the comprehension-impaired Anonymous John: One does not delete comments that have been published. I did that only once when your ultra violent fantasy comments should never have been posted in the first place. Comments should never be removed from social networking sites unless the person disregards the TOS. Not at all the same thing, but I don't expect any liberal to understand nuance. You lost your commenting privilege here because you're just too angry. Sorry.

Jz said...

As far as comparing goombahs on Youtube spouting crap to people like Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman - Dude, you're seriously wasting my time. I can find enormous numbers of lunatic liberals on youtube. Find me a couple of big name conservative actors... never mind. Again, stop wasting my time. Go bother someone else.