Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Analysis: Breaking down accuser's narrative
Cain joking, laughing on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Commentary: Is bloodshed in America 'inevitable?'
Show No. 203-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Gloria Allred jumps in with a Herman Cain accuser • Gloria Allred's attack on Meg Whitman last year • Audio highlights: Gloria Allred and Sharon Bialek press conference • Trashing Herman Cain • Courageous woman • Disgusted by 'Mr. Cain's serial sexual harassment of women' • Genital reaching and head pulling • Verifying room upgrade should be easy • She stayed in the car after the attack • She told two people but gave them no details • Break • Audio: Commentary highlights from Mark Levin • There is no evidence • No interview granted • Wouldn't everyone have known Cain was a letch? • Great Britain and the US working on a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities • Audio: Bill Keller: The REAL problem in the United States •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Great interview with Herman Cain on Jimmy Kimmel Live • Surprising day • Anger, disgust • Not an ounce of truth • What if feels like to be lied about • Cain supporters standing by him • Pizza • Audio: Mark Block's Youtube ad for Herman Cain • Audio: Cain 'high tech lynching' TV ad • More Jimmy Kimmel interview of Herman Cain • US debt • Romney says Cain accusations 'particularly disturbing' • Rant: America: Some folks say that bloodshed is inevitable • Audio: Report on insurance companies using Facebook, Twitter to expose insurance fraud •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Real Clear Politics: Woman Accuses Cain Of Trying To Touch Genitals, Will Not Sue
NY Magazine: Cain Scandal: Enter Gloria Allred, Stage Left
Washington Post: Washingtonpost.com Special Report: Clinton Accused
Mark Levin: On Demand podcast page
Newsmax: US, UK 'Planning for War' Against Iran
Live Prayer: Bill Keller: The Real Problem is Our Rejection of God for the False Gods and Idols of the World
Real Clear Politics: Herman Cain Tells Jimmy Kimmel He's Taking Allegations Head-On
YouTube: Herman Cain: Now is the time for action!
Real Clear Politics: Cain SuperPAC Web Ad: 'High-Tech Lynching'
AP: Romney: Cain allegations 'particularly disturbing'
Freedom Torch: Discussion thread on seccession and civil war
ABC 7 Los Angeles: Insurance companies mine Facebook, Twitter for proof of fraud

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