Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Iraq War Veteran wins Dancing With The Stars
Glenn Beck's $55,000 on-air charity donation

Newt body-slams Ron Paul in latest GOP debate
Show No. 214-2011

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Opening • GOP debates are really good • Cain could be much better on foreign policy than Obama • Israel is safer with Obama than with Ron Paul • Pennsylvania Turnpike nightmare • Audio: News reports on Turnpike goo mess • Michele Bachmann insulted by Jimmy Fallon's band • No word from National Organization for Women • Rant: This is really insulting • Big Hollywood writes that if this were a liberal the drummer would be gone • Glenn Beck donates $55,000 to charity on the air • Audio: Glenn Beck talks with Women's shelter operator • Break • The Bible perspective on giving to charity • Beck had already talked this over with his wife • I'm glad the shelter will stay open • Publicity or charity? • 'How Great Beck Art' • Government involvement in faith based charity • Audio: Beck with Imus predicts Obama will win the election • Bible perspective on worrying about tomorrow •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Live Prayer's Bill Keller on Thanksgiving • Audio: Bill Handel talks about JR Martinez • Iraq War Vet wins Dancing with the Stars • The transexual hero Chaz Bono isn't any kind of hero like JR • Audio: Tim Tebow on ESPN talks about his faith • Break • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on The Real Thanksgiving • The GOP Debate #11 • Audio: Newt slaps down Ron Paul on The Patriot Act • Audio: Dick Morris on who won Debate #11 • Audio: Bits and pieces from the debate • Our distance from God is our biggest problem in America •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: Sticky Goo Disables Cars on Pennsylvania Turnpike
WTAE: Drivers Encounter Messy Situation On Pa. Turnpike
WTAE: Nearly 40 Miles Of Turnpike Covered In Tar-Like Substance
The Blaze: Jimmy Fallon Band The Roots Plays ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch for Bachmann Entrance
CNN: Fallon apologizes to Bachmann (CNN pulled the link)
Big Hollywood: Worst. Apology. Ever. – Questlove’s Lame Response to Bachmann Slam
YouTube: Jimmy Fallon Show Band Plays 'Lyin' Ass Bitch' To Intro Michele Bachmann
Ace Show Biz: Jimmy Fallon and Questlove Sorry for Offensive Song Used for Michele Bachmann
Daily Mail UK: Jimmy Fallon's band plays 'Lying Ass Bitch' as Michele Bachmann walks out
Daily Mail UK: Chelsea Clinton's husband Marc Mezvinsky 'has to schedule appointment just to see her'
The Blaze: Glenn Beck Donates $55,000 to Women’s Shelter On the Air
The Blaze: Don Imus Interview With Glenn Beck About George Washington Book
Bible Gateway: Matthew 6 NIV - Giving to the Needy
Live Prayer: Bill Keller: Problems
Live Prayer: Prayer Requests and Miracles 24 hours a day
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: JR Martinez wins Dancing With The Stars
Washington Post: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale: We have a winner
Wikipedia: JR Martinez
Know JR: The website of JR Martinez
Know JR: JR's story
ESPN: Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow responds to John Elway, Jake Plummer remarks
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh: The True Story of Thanksgiving
The Hay Ride: Why Do I Have A Problem With Ron Paul?
Dick Morris: Dick Morris TV: WHO WON THE DEBATE?
YouTube: TEHRAN: GOP Presidential Candidate Mr. Newt Gingrich on Iran's Strategy


Peter Stiles said...

Union leader endorses Newt...

LOL.. who does that leave you that you can rally behind?

Jz said...

I couldn't resist publishing this comment, you idiot: The Union Leader is the name of a NEWSPAPER. ROTFL

Peter Stiles said...

"you idiot" ?

Is that how you treat your listeners? No wonder your radio show has so few.

Jz said...

I'm sorry, do you prefer moron or loon?

Peter Stiles said...

Why are conservatives so rude and disrespectful? I made a simple mistake by not reading the Newt article. You act so self righteous and petty. Do you think such arrogance is good for the conservative cause? Do you never make mistakes yourself?

Peter Stiles said...

I have both conservative and liberal views. However I was always taught to treat people with respect and have good manners. I have noticed that a lot of conservative radio show hosts are downright rude and nasty to anyone they disagree with. It just seems very petty and immature. I also wouldn't doubt that this behavior causes a lot of people to stay away from politics in general due to the immature behavior on both sides. Do you not realize this?

Jz said...

Ha ha! Shall we scroll down and read all of your respectful comments?

Peter Stiles said...

All my disrespectful comments? I have only posted here a few times today, At my public library and once or twice from a wi fi hotspot here in town. Still unsure what your problem is.

Jz said...

Oh right, it's your first time here. *wink*

rbassett57 said...

I see your battling here just like Freedom Torch where you're now banned.

Jz said...

Robert Bassett: Thank you for helping me to make up my mind. I was wondering if I should talk about what happened at Freedom Farce on my show, I probably will.

You and your mob there, just like the occupy mob, cannot stand an opposing view and sought to shout me down. Now you have your 10 or 12 or 15 folks there (out of a 17,270) who can talk amongst yourselves, fantasize over your hack conspiracy theories and fret over Obama's supposed homosexuality to your heart's content, without me to slap you in the face anymore, yelling, "wake up! We have an election to win!"

You just supported a left wing hack to posts so many hateful, vulgar and indecent comments here I have to delete most of them. Congratulations.

Ultimately, the owner fell under pressure from the mob. You and your pals have no respect for free speech or debate or any of that. In my 20 years online, I have never witnessed anyone in any political venue who was more unable to discuss and debate or support his stated views than you sir.

Freedom Farce is in very good hands indeed. /sarc

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Robert Bassett,

I am constantly amazed that a moron can type. --How do you do that?

Do you have a talk and type software program?

Part of me wants to respond to your idiocy. But I am told in scripture to not respond to a fool in his folly. And that's what you are, Robert, a "a fool in his folly."


Peter Stiles said...

"Sure you are, Jimmy the Chat, because you are attempting to draw people's attention away from his ineligibility. And, you argue like the OBOTS that I've met since 2008."

This was Mary comparing you to every Obama supporter she has met since he's been in office. Do you know why? Because you are attempting to be the VOICE OF REASON. The SANE one in a sea of insanity. Doesn't it tell you something that the majority of reasonable people are the "obots" and the majority of CRAZY exists on what you have claimed as "YOUR" side? ... Jimmy. I think you pick the wrong crowd to side with.

Jz said...

Peter/John/Anonymous, etc:
You are acting like a stalker, following me around online. Get a grip and do something else WITH someone else. No, Mary does not represent more than a fraction of a small sliver or losers on our side, while most of the left are cretins. Thanks for writing.

rbassett57 said...


I asked YOU a question and I'm supporting a 'left wing hack'?

Is that hack really Obot Jimmy Z?

Jz said...

Robert, I know you miss me. But you and your Occupy Freedom Torch crowd got what you wanted. Now go back to your 12 or so people there, and have a good time.

If you want to engage in some of the topics from the show, I encourage that. But this kind of empty headed drivel - the kind you specialize in at FT - won't be published here anymore. You want to offer some substance for the first time in your life? Go for it.

Thanks for writing.

Jz said...

Whaddya bet Robert was told to behave himself?

rbassett57 said...

Write to Jonathan and ask...I wasn't told anything. I'm curious...What were YOU told?

Jz said...

Welcome to my website Robert. If you would like to listen to the show and comment on topics - with something witty and insightful for the first time in your pathetic online persona's existence, that would be most welcome. But if you prefer to post the same kind of meaningless piffle that you post on that social network with 13 other folks, no thank you.

It's up to you. Nothing else will be published from here on out. Thanks for stopping by!