Thursday, November 10, 2011


GOP Debate: Cain great, Perry's long 50 seconds
Loony Occupy protester hitting himself in the head

Cain calls Nancy Pelosi 'Princess Nancy'
Show No. 205-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps! • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the Ohio union victory • Where does the money come from? Rush and Jimmy Z rants • 66% of Ohio electorate vote against Obamacare • GOB Debate audio • Nasty question about harassment accusations to Herman Cain • Rick Perry's brain fart meltdown: Oops • Audio: Who won the debate last night? Dick Morris • Dick Morris' petition to recall the Fannie Mae bonuses • Audio: Hannity talks about the 'skinhead Nazi psychos' in the Occupy movement • Audio: Crazy Occupy lunatic starts hitting himself in the head • Some low-lights from the Occupy protester rant • Audio comparison audio from Tea Party rallies with this Occupy protester • Audio: Marine sings second verse of the Star Spangled Banner at a Cain Tea Party rally in 2010 •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Biker at a Waterbury Tea Party in 2009 talks about the Pledge of Allegiance • Follows with the group singing of The Star Spangled Banner • Comparing Tea Party audio with the crazy Occupy protester again • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Herman Cain update • Audio: Cain refers to Nancy Pelosi as 'Princess Nancy' • Audio: MSNBC asks Rep. James Clyburn about Cain referring to Nancy Pelosi as 'Princess Nancy' • Cain apologized for the reference • Occupy mob updates: Devolving into anarchy and violence • Explanation: The two voices you hear are right next to each other, tape unedited • Examiner blog post compiles a number of reports • Letterman and Obama support the Tea Party • Occupy Wall Street to move from New York City to LA for the winter • Occupy trademark sought by two entities • Audio: Safe zone created for women fearing sexual harassment, assault and rape • Audio: Drug use, dealing crack, abusing women • Audio: Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Dept letter to the LA City Council •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: United States Marine Corps Hymn
Rush Limbaugh: Ohio Cost Dems Big Money
Fox News: Ohio Voters Choose To Opt Out Of Health Care Mandate
Real Clear Politics: Cain Gets Major Applause At Debate After Dismissing Harassment Claim
YouTube: Rick Perry: OOPS
National Journal: Perry Can't Remember Agency He Wants to Cut
Dick Morris: Dick Morris TV: WHO WON THE DEBATE?
Dick Morris Petition: Stop the Multi-million $$ Fannie Mae bonuses
YouTube: Hannity - Occupy Wall Street Protesters 'Sound Like Skinhead Nazi Psychos'
Ironic Surrealism: OccupyWallStreet Agitator Repeatedly Hurls ‘N-Word’ at Black NYPD Officers
YouTube: Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd! ORIGINAL!
YouTube: Herman Cain Calls Nancy Pelosi 'Princess Nancy'
YouTube: Clyburn on Cain's 'Princess Nancy' Comment
NY Times: At a Michigan Diner, Cain Apologizes for His 'Princess Nancy' Comment
Examiner: From New York to LA, Occupy protests devolving into anarchy and violence
LA Times: Assaults raise concerns about crime at Occupy LA
Neon Tommy: Occupy Wall Street May Be Moving To L.A. For Winter
Business Week: Pfizer, Occupy Wall Street, Oliver Smith: Intellectual Property
Wall Street Journal: Occupy Wall St protesters want to trademark name
NY1: 'Safe Space' For Women Protesters Set Up In Zuccotti Park
CBS 3 Boston: 3 Charged With Dealing Crack; Occupy Boston ‘Deteriorating’
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel: Occupy LA Report 11/10/11
Occupy LA Encampment Costing City in Excess of $120K, So Far


Doug Merchant said...|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE

Just one story of the Occup group having issues here in Vermont....


Jz said...

And someone was shot today, to death, in Oakland 'near' the Occupy protest.