Friday, December 2, 2011


Jobs growth: Is it seasonal hiring? (More Monday)
Wass-Schultz: Voter ID law is 'vote suppression'

Clearing up the S. 1867 military bill confusion
Show No. 219-2011

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Opening • Audio: Sean Hannity interviews Herman Cain 'Lets not play detective' • Cain: Wife didn't know about friendship, ‘financial assistance' to Ginger White • Audio: Dick Morris TV: HUGE REPUBLICAN EDGE ON ISSUES • Who do Americans Trust on Issues - Republicans or Democrats (Rasmussen) • Reading: Presidential Race 2012: Imperfect Conservatives Need Not Apply • Powered by small business hiring unemployment falls to 8.6 percent • Decoding the Payroll-Tax Cut: How Well Does It Work? • Audio: Debbier Wasserman Schultz: GOP To 'Rig' Elections By Requiring A Proper I.D. To Vote •

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Opening • Music: 'Santa Claus is a Republican', Jimmy Z (Lyrics: SonlitKnight) • Audio: Continuing with Debbie Was-Schultz • The Future of the Obama Coalition: White middle class dropped • Wall Street Journal article, 'They Don't Need Our Votes' • Audio: Limbaugh says Obama Publicly Writes Off White, Working Class Voters as Advertisement to His Base • Info: As Written Sections 1031 and 1032 of S. 1867 (Military bill) Do NOT Apply to U.S. Citizens • The Udall 'Solution' is the Threat • Indefinite Military Detention of US Citizens Not Blocked By Senate For A Second Time • Obama lawyers: Citizens targeted if at war with US and I agree! • Audio: Rush Live... in New York City: How important is the 2012 election? • About the EAC, when it began, how big is this fairly new bureaucracy? •

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YouTube: Sean Hannity interviews Herman Cain 'Lets not play detective'
UnionLeader: Cain: Wife didn't know about friendship, ‘financial assistance' to Ginger White
Rasmussen: Trust on Issues
American Thinker: Presidential Race 2012: Imperfect Conservatives Need Not Apply
Washington Post: Powered by small business hiring unemployment falls to 8.6 percent
Nation of Change: Decoding the Payroll-Tax Cut: How Well Does It Work?
Real Clear Politics: Wasserman Schultz: GOP To 'Rig' Elections By Requiring A Proper I.D. To Vote
YouTube: Santa Claus is a Republican
NY Times: The Future of the Obama Coalition
Wall Street Journal: 'They Don't Need Our Votes'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Publicly Writes Off White, Working Class Voters as Advertisement to His Base
Willy Loman: As Written Sections 1031 and 1032 of S. 1867 Do NOT Apply to U.S. Citizens
Willy Loman: S. 1867 NDAA 2012 – The Udall Solution is the Threat
Huffington Post: Indefinite Military Detention of US Citizens Not Blocked By Senate For A Second Time
Yahoo News: Obama lawyers: Citizens targeted if at war with US
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Live... in New York City
EAC: Help America Vote Act, National Voter Registration Act
EAC: About The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC)


Peter Stiles said...

Cain is politically done. All she wrote.

Newt Gingrich is the man who's going to run against Obama. It's a done deal.
I wonder who his VP pick will be? I hope for your sides sake it's someone with a pretty clean history compared to Newt. I find it very calculating that Newt has not been targeted in the smear campaigns yet. It's like the powers that be are some how holding the smears back so that they can assure he is the republican nominee. They are holding all the mud slinging to use against him when he's running against Obama (and they have a LOT of mud on him - more so than any other candidate, that's why I find this so very calculating)

There is a wild card still to be played as well: I think the birther situation will still be used against the GOP. There are many cards Obama will use to get re-elected. I can almost assure you that Trump will run as a third party. Millions of people will vote for him, thinking he is the honest one - going after Obama for the only issue that matters to them. Obama will win re-election due to a split vote UNLESS Newt turns this wild card around on Obama and allows Trump to take his place.

I know this is a far out prediction but I've been following this closely and I've seen many indicators that this will likely happen. Trump's wife said he's still thinking about running third party just last week. The thing I'm not sure of is if Trump is working WITH Obama or not. Obama is smart enough to use the birther hysteria in his favor by encouraging a birther third party candidate to run in order to split the vote. Is Trump shady enough to do it?

Jz said...

Check out Dick Morris, talking about a trial by fire and how it benefits all the republicans, including of course Newt. Americans by and large don't care - certainly liberals don't. Liberals embrace every kind of deceit and depravity.

Birthers will not be an issue. A side show maybe, like looking in at the fat lady at the circus.

Trump will not run as a third party candidate. No shot.

Peter Stiles said...

"Liberals embrace every kind of deceit and depravity"

Actually, Jimmy - You are so very wrong here. I appreciate your viewpoint on many subjects, even though I disagree with you on the majority - you are generally thoughtful in your approach. Here, you are just unfairly painting with a wide and unjust brush. Every liberal I know best, including myself, values HONESTY foremost and utmost. There will be nothing deceitful in a campaign of smears against Newt Gingrich.

Birthers will not be an issue? Something like 45% of GOP base agree with birthers according to a recent poll. Many birthers openly suggest that they will only vote for a birther candidate. They are the skeletons in the closet for the GOP.

p.s. I'll stop commenting if you consider me to be harassing, out of respect -- Do note that I am trying to be thoughtful in my critique of your show. I do listen.

Peter Stiles said...

Just a friendly heads up:

I think you have your recording levels set a little too high or something. I have a fairly high end sound system and I get some cracking on your audio feed, such that happens when the highs are turned up a little too much. Perhaps you don't hear it if you're using studio monitors that are made for very high range but it's very noticeable with non-studio gear.

Jz said...

I only see what I see. Liberals were happy with Clinton's dishonesty.

The birther issue is not going to be any part of 2012. Watch.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Herman Cain gave Ginger White money, but NOT over the course of years. He said that over the course of a few months, this past year, she sent him close to 70 text messages asking him for financial help. He ended up helping her and did not tell his wife that he helped her or knew her.

Herman Cain said that Ginger White was not the only person who he did not tell his wife that he helped out financially and or knew.

The man is very rich and helps out a lot of people. Though he will most likely be more careful in the future, none of this disqualifies him in my book.

And it is not about what my husband would do, or how I feel. That is not my marriage; and my husband is not a rich man, getting hit up for money all the time. --It is not right to try to judge this man for giving money to this woman and having a friendship of some sort with her, when we cannot possibly know how it feels to be in his rich-man shoes.

Until IF some real solid proof comes out, I feel that Christians should ease up on this man.

I'd rather error on the side of decency and treating him as I would want to be treated, than to join in on the trashing of this Christian man, while there is no solid proof. He did say that they are looking at his text message contents to her, from his own phone account. --That does not sound like a guilty man to me.

If it turns out that he did do it, or something else of this nature, I will not regret defending him, while everything showed him to be an innocent Christian man, coming under great attack.

Love does not have a mob-mentality.


Jz said...

My guess is that any woman who found out her husband was giving money to a single woman BEHIND HER BACK, and that woman is now accusing her husband of cheating on her, would be and SHOULD be furious. This was at the very least - taking Herman Cain at his word - very stupid. A married man should know better. A Christian married man should especially know better. Just think: If he had told his wife about this from the beginning (the right thing for a married man to do), he would never have had this problem. His wife would have known about it and there would not be a problem. But Herman Cain didn't do that. He blew it. And there's a reason why he didn't tell his wife, which would have been the typical thing for a happily married man to do, and it makes him appear to be more - not less - guilty.

Jz said...

Everything is NOT showing him to be an innocent in this anymore. Once he admitted to giving money to this woman behind his wife's back, he is not innocent. Any conservative woman who tells me this wouldn't bother her if her husband were doing it isn't being honest with me, or herself.

Peter Stiles said...

This is a bit off topic but I'd love to pick your brain on Ron Paul. Please oblige me.

I would almost want to be a conservative if more conservatives were like Ron Paul... That man tells the truth. He walks the walk and lives the talk. I believe in my heart that he has been faithful to his wife of many years -- I can tell a good man looking into his eyes.

What DO YOU have against Ron Paul? You have stated that you dislike his foreign policy? WHY? Why do you mindlessly "support the troops" no matter who and what we've bombed in the past? Do you really think Jesus Christ would have been dropping Napalm on Vietnam and hating Jane Fonda for speaking out against it? What did they do to us? OK, they had a political ideology "we" supposedly disagree with ... So your answer is drop napalm on every commie? What about U.S.A. commies like me? Kill us as well?

Point is , the U.S.A. starting from the very beginning has killed MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people that they've disagreed with , starting with native Americans. Ron Paul sees the truth of why we are targeted in terrorist attacks = that we have been bullies and mass murderers and it's natural blow back. Knowing the truth of the matter means he is best equipped to actually turn things around for us. I would support him over Obama even though I am liberal on some issues that he is against.

Jz said...

I've talked about this many times. Go to Youtube and watch my song video, "The Ron Paul Supporter". That's why I don't agree with Ron Paul.

Jz said...

The bottom line is, Ron Paul is not a conservative. He's a libertarian.

Peter Stiles said...

I "read" your Ron Paul song now...
I'm not one of your rabid Ron Paul supporters -- I just think he makes sense when most in the GOP candidates don't.

so according to the song:

You're against his views on drug legalization. I really don't understand that. It's like when the U.S. prohibited Alcohol: People who wanted to drink STILL DRANK. There was just more violence during that time.
People who want to DRUG UP still drug up - there is just more violence involved in the drug trade and billions of dollars wasted putting people in prison who just come out more hardened and sometimes violent criminals when they were just users/dealers before. Some people use drugs for a limited time in their lives then they straighten up and try to live normal lives. Under your system - if they got in any legal trouble during that time, it follows them anywhere they go - shows up when they apply for jobs. So even if they've cleaned up their lives, it always is a problem - sometimes leading them to relapse when they can't find gainful employment due to bad decisions. Sounds like you are the one wanting to hand people the rope in this situation, not Ron Paul.

So you are against Ron Paul's idea that we should let Israel take care of themselves -- Even though they've managed fine on their own so far. Your idea of being someones friend is holding their hand any time they get in a fight? We should start a world war and drop bombs on Iran to prevent them from developing the nuke? Heck, it would take a ground war to really prevent them from doing that ... What about North Korea and their nuclear ambitions? Shall we just go to war with every country who's developing the nuke?

As for anything else: Paul's desire to put some kind of tangible value behind our paper money? I don't know enough about the subject to comment one way or the other. Do you?

Jz said...

Re: Levels, you'd have to give me an example, time mark, etc.

conservativeBC said...

The Bachmann Cometh JZ

Rich H said...

Ron Paul tells the truth? He claims to be against earmarks and to have never voted for one and yet he has brought back millions and millions of earmarked pork back to his district. How? He stuffs it into bills he knows will pass without his vote. Deceitful and dishonest. “I can tell a good man looking into his eyes.” Apparently you are as good at that as Bush was with Putin. Actually, if you vote for Democrats, you are FAR, FAR worse.

Paul’s position on Islamism is brain dead stupid. Cutting, running and moving out from wherever they decide they do not want us and kissing Muslim ass as Obama does will NOT stop them from hating us and wanting us dead. It only encourages them as is shows them we are cowards and confirms their belief that Allah is all powerful. Every time the left diminishes America military and cuts & runs they make America look like a paper tiger and bring on an attack. Such as Clinton doing so and 9/11 occurring just 9 months after Clinton leaves office and an untested new president takes office.

I like Ron Paul in many of his domestic positions but on national defense he is extremely dangerous. said...

NAFTA Newt is the ONLY GOP candidate that guarantees an Obama victory.

Are we really that stupid?

How many Juan McCain/Bob Dole experiences are needed before the GOP STOPS obeying our enemies?

NAFTA Newt would FLOOD us with even MORE uneducated,violent,illiterates from Mexico- he already got NAFTA which sent manufacturing TO Mexico (on it's way to communist China)