Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Epic Fail: Michelle Obama's school lunches in LA
Hackers avenge Occupy: Post cops info online

Allen West slams Holder for flinging race card
Show No. 231-2011

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Opening • Disclaimer: I don't agree with everyone on every radio website • The Latest Obama Collectable • Rewind: The Obama Plate & 'Steve's Letter To Obama' • Commercial for the crazy Obama collectable • Bill Keller: Mocking Jesus on TV • SNL's Tim Tebow and Jesus sketch • Amazing and delightful: Michelle Obama's 'healthy' school lunch program's epic fail in Los Angeles •

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Opening • Dick Morris: Who will in Iowa? • Big government seen as dangerous to America by 62% of Americans • Rush Limbaugh reads Thomas Sowell's article in the National Review • In support of the Occupoos, hackers post police officers private info online, including street addresses and encrypted passwords • Whoopi Goldberg and The View talk about the death of Kim Jong Il and communism • North Koreans weep and wail over 'dear leaders' death • National Guard at the border to be reduced by 75% • Eric Holder flings the race card over Fast and Furious and Rep. Allen West throttles him • 91 Congressmen demand Holder quit •

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Peter Stiles said...

I'm trying to understand the christian conservative viewpoint and what evangelicals want in America.

I'm confused by people like Bill Keller -- His knee jerk reaction to the SNL Tebow skit in particular has me scratcing my head, wondering what EXACTLY he wants.

He talks about people blaspheming the lord without fear of reprisal and repercussions. Does he WANT people to have fear of these things? He sounds quite disappointed that their aren't repurcussions/reprisals for this free speech. If not, what's his point? Do christians like him wish it were illegal to make fun of christians? = America , home of the free and the brave -- "free for me but not for thee?"

He also says people like the SNL writers do all these things while "christians sit back in silence" ? Huh? ... HUH?? He's certainly not being silent and many other christians all over the country (and the internet) who are making a fuss over this aren't being silent in the least. What exactly is he talking about? Seems more than a bit dishonest to me.

The way I see it: evangelicals just want people to respect them and share their love of christ with them. Yet these same people are constantly judging, demonizing and scorning anyone and everyone who disagree with them. You don't demand respect - you earn it. Dishonesty and hypocrisy and constantly throwing stones is not the way to earn respect.

I disagree with many of your viewpoints Jimmy but I respect the fact that you attempt to use logic in arriving at your conclusions. I believe I'm being reasonable in pointing out that modern American christian evangelicals are not earning respect: Do you disagree? If so, Why?

It's like when you pointed out the part of the Tebow sketch you didn't like: Mormanism (you called that faith "a lie" -- A show of disrespect for millions of people of that faith. My sincere question is why should mormans or ANY other non christian evangelical respect (ie. not make fun of) christian evangelicals?

Peter Stiles said...

I agree with you that the "race card" is used a bit too often. The majority of conservatives are probably not racist. Enough are, however, to be an issue. There is a dark undercurrent of rabid racists who claim to be conservative. You may conveniently suggest that anyone who is nutty enough to be a rabid racist or a birther is NOT a conservative -- If you can do that , then we should be able to claim that the nutty segment of OWS aren't really progressives. Doesn't it work both ways?

Seriously, if you can find a progressive forum that is as dark and racist as
I promise to never use the race card in relation to political sides again. There are thousands of members of that site who hate liberals and claim to be staunch conservatives. Read just a few of the comments there and you'll see why people like Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman point out the racist undercurrent of the Tea Party. It's no different than you pointing out the insane and druggy undercurrent of progressive movements like OWS. Both sides have their nuts. I've never seen anything as extreme and hateful as that conservative red neck site I posted above, however. I honestly doubt you could link a progressive leaning site that tops that one.