Thursday, December 15, 2011


Romney interview: Newt could be 'zany' president
Lowe's backlash grows, MoveOn & CAIR involved

Where are 'peaceful' Muslims against sharia?
Show No. 228-2011

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Opening • News report blooper: Big Hoosiers • Audio: NY Times interviews Mitt Romney • Prompts Romney to call Newt Gingrich 'zany' • Hammer in the background • Romney's contradictory past ignored in the interview • The Lowe's, Muslim reality TV show controversy • Overview opinion rant • All hell has broken loose • Christianity vs. Islam at the core • Lowe's Facebook page and hate comments on the internet • Phone call: Jimmy Z tells to 'suck it' • LA Times editorial says Lowe's has the right of free speech • Interest grows in Muslim reality TV show • CAIR involved: contact information and more at PR Newswire • Sidebar: Reality TV stars become celebrities • Lowe's and anti-Muslim hate rhetoric • Where are the 'peaceful' Muslims speaking out against radical Islam? •

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Opening • Replay: Phone call to • Music: 'Santa Claus Is A Republican', Jimmy Z (Lyrics: SonlitKnight) • Audio: News report on CAIR and Lowe's • Audio: CAIR Director talks about Lowe's • Audio: YouTube Schmo returns $2,600 of crap to Lowe's • Question: Did he ever watch the Muslim show? • Audio: Breaking down Martin Bashir with Rep. Keith Ellison (Muslim) • Lowe's should 'step up and do the right thing' • Rant: Muslims in Congress and various state legislatures could pursue a Constitutional agenda or a Muslim/Sharia agenda • Martin Bashir does not ask Keith Ellison about Islam and homosexuality • Audio: YouTube Schmo talks slow and ignorantly • Atlas Shrugs: Hamas tied CAIR goes after Lowe's • Cultural sharia enforced by compliant media • Creation of 'Islamophobia' • Hippity hop 'mogul' Russell Simmons threatens to sic civil rights groups on Lowe's • Wallid Shoebat ties 'All American Muslim' star to radical Islam: Lowe's did the right thing • Statement from Debra JM Smith on the United Church of Christ •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: 9news Denver: Congratulations on your big hooters
NY Times: Romney Warns of Nominating 'Zany' Gingrich
Kansas City Star: Lowe's deletes 'hateful' comments on Facebook page
Detroit News: Lowe’s ad fracas ups interest in show
LA Times: Lowe's has free speech rights too
PR Newswire: CAIR Asks Lowe's to Address Anti-Muslim Hate Prompted by TV Ad Pull-Out
YouTube: CAIR Rep Discusses Lowe's Issue on NBC Nightly News
YouTube: CAIR Director on Lowe's 'All-American Muslim' Controversy
YouTube: YouTube: Schmo: Amer Zahr - Lowe's Boycott - $2600
YouTube: Backlash expands after Lowe's pulls ads from Muslim reality show
YouTube: YouTube Schmo: Lowe's pulls ads from All-American Muslim
Sacramento Bee: CAIR Asks Lowe's to Address Anti-Muslim Hate Prompted by TV Ad Pull-Out
Atlas Shrugs: Hamas-tied Group CAIR Threatens Lowe's
Atlas Shrugs: 64 Companies to Pull Ads From ‘All-American Muslim’
ABC News: Lowe's: Celebrities Attack Online Over TLC Muslim Show Ad Pullout
Human Events: Shocking Truth About 'All-American Muslim' Star, and Lowe's Good Call
Debra JM Smith: Informing Christians


Debra J.M. Smith said...

Great coverage on the Lowe's vs Islam situation.


Kelly said...

The "peaceful" muslims are just as terrified as a coptic in Egypt.