Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Beck would vote for a 3rd party Ron Paul over Newt
Lindsay Lohan gains confidence thru Playboy

Lowe's gets heat for pulling ads from Muslim show
Show No. 226-2011

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Opening • Why my website showed 'suspension' notice this morning • Libertarian is not conservative • Audio: Mark Levin dismantles Ron Paul piece by piece • What provoked the attack on 9-11? • Many people are allured by Ron Paul's message • Terrorism and funding terrorism • Audio: Megyn Kelly challenges Ron Paul on his 'glee' after the 9-11 attack statement • Lying with forethought • Taking phone calls • Ron Paul supporters believe in disarmament • Ron Paul called 'the only true conservative' • Libya • On allowing the system to collapse • Resolution of war • Netanyahu and Israel • Audio: Glenn Beck talks about voting for Ron Paul as a third party candidate over Newt Gingrich

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Opening • Music: 'Silent Night' by Jimmy Z • Audio: Ron Paul supporters want the system, the federal government, to collapse • Lindsay Lohan knows her body now because she posed nude for Playboy • The $1 million didn't hurt • YouTube schmo song: You're Daughter's A Slut • 'Knowing yourself and your body' is achieved by nude photos in Playboy • Ellen DeGeneres to welcome Lindsay Lohan and her Playboy pictorial • Lohan issue the 'perfect' Christmas gift • Audio: Ron Paul on Fox News with Megyn Kelly • Photo ID required by unions for election! • My email to Debbie Wasserman Schultz • Lowe's getting heat for pulling ads from Muslim reality TV program • Politicians reacting, inciting boycotts • Audio: Rep. Christopher Murphy on the floor of the Senate complaining about Lowe's decision •

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Brian Houser said...

Please don't promote Mark Levin's show. Regardless of his opinions and everyone's views of Ron Paul, Levin's message is consistently filled with hate and their are much better alternatives for intelligent talk radio.

Jz said...

Who does Levin hate?

Brian Houser said...

Levin spews huge blobs of bile every time he talks about people he disagrees with. Ron Paul is just one example of many. He insists on name calling instead of treating those with valid (but differing) opinions with respect. It's one thing to debate intelligently; quite another to avoid the issues by belittling your opponents.

ELVISNIXON.com said...

As a LOYAL JimmyZ fan I must say Glann Beck is right on this one

Newt gave us NAFTA

Newt is a TRAITOR- a great debater and a smart man but he has TREASON in his heart- the proof?

His advocacy of even MORE illegal aliens flooding our shores and STEALING jobs and services from real Americans

NAFTA is the worst thing to happen to teh US economy since the 1930's and has hurt us more than Clinton/Obama combined

Jz said...