Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Orly Taitz, Justice John Roberts
& Obama's birth certificate

The segment runs approximately 20 minutes & is in high definition stereo.

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'O-bama' (Paul Shanklin parody of 'Donna') • Opening • World Net Daily reports on lawyer Orly Taitz, Justices Scalia and Roberts, and their willingness to hear the Obama Birthplace cases • Closing

This program is a supplemental program to yesterday's show. The Jimmy Z Monday Show (below) should be listened to today because it wasn't posted until late yesterday. Thank you, listeners! --JZ

Orly Taitz confronts Justice John Roberts HERE
Three Cheers for Orly Taitz HERE

And here is the trailer for Rapture Ready Radio, debuting April 6th

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Anonymous said...

I smell a rat...... Chris Dodd has been accused of taking a lot of money from AIG for election purposes and has pushed for these bonuses... This is Chris Dodd's fault....the crook that he is!