Sunday, March 8, 2009


The Middle Class is contracting, evaporating
Professor calls cops over speech about guns

Each segment runs approximately 40 minutes. The Jimmy Z Show is always in high resolution stereo.

Part One • Click HERE
'They Took The Money Away' (New song by Jimmy Z!) • Opening sequence • Obama: We lost 651,000 jobs, but we saved 25 • Michael Savage: Obama is Robbing Hood/The middle class is evaporating • Obama going gray already? • John Boehner: Democrats change the subject from spending to Limbaugh • Will offshore drilling be an issue in Virginia Governor race? • Obama already in Camp David again • Obama is ready to lift the ban on embryonic stem cell research • Joseph Farah: Is it time for revolt • Selling out Isreal and supporting Hamas

Part Two • Click HERE
Robert Gibbs listens to Jimmy Z! • Letters to The Jimmy Z Show • Joey and sticking close to The Truth • Rick regarding Barbie, Ken & GI Joe • The 'Perfect World' argument • Professor called the cops when student mentions guns in a speech • Limbaugh: The Chinese are more capitalist than America! • Obama audio: The DOW is a tracking poll/Increase in cap gains taxes • Limbaugh audio: Folks, it ain't working • Barack Obama, stock market strategist • Limbaugh audio: Citibank stock less than an ATM fee • Biden's speech to the AFL-CIO: White House ordered the speech closed to media - or did they? • Leftwing Media Matters spins the story backwards

Part Three • Click HERE
Lavish AFL-CIO party in Miami, at least $400 per night per room • Comedy: Jesse Jackson on SNL • Obama's many snubs of PM Gordon Brown and the UK • Senator Mel Martinez says that voters vetted Obama on citizenship • The Obama Forum appears to be parody • Senator Martinez flip flops within a day • 3 year old sings the National Anthem • Who has standing to push for Obama's birth certificate? • Photo ban on Iraq war dead lifted • Editorial & comments: Photo ban lifted by Obama • Rasmussen: Presidential approval index graphic • Smart Money: Worse than the great depression

Show notes and linkage:
• Michael Savage: Obama is Robbing Hood HERE
• Obama going gray already? HERE
• John Boehner's piece HERE
• Offshore drilling & Virginia Governor's race HERE
• Joseph Farah: Is it time for revolt HERE
• Professor calls the cops when student mentions guns HERE
• Limbaugh: The Chineses are more capitalist than Obama's America HERE
• Barack Obama: Stock market strategist HERE
• Biden's speech at the AFL-CIO party HERE
• Media Matters spins the story HERE
• Lavish AFL-CIO party in Miami HERE
• Jesse Jackson on SNL HERE
• Obama snubs Gordon Brown HERE
• Mel Martinez says American voters vetted Obama HERE
• The ObamaForum appears to be parody HERE
• Mel Martinez flip flops already HERE
• Photo ban on Iraq War dead lifted HERE
• Editorial and comments HERE
• Rasmussen Presidential tracking graphic HERE
• Worse than the Great Depression HERE

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