Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Reagan on Socialized Medicine
Dept of Justice investigates AZ Sheriff

Each segment runs approximately 40 minutes & is in high definition stereo.

Part One • Click HERE
Opening sequence • 'Theme From Z' • A NObama joke • Craig Ferguson: Googling symptoms • America dismisses the Ten Commandments • Socialized medicine: Quote from the great Ronald Reagan • Audio: Restrained No More on socialized medicine • One year to NObama's poll numbers dropping • The militant homosexual agenda: TV show 'Degrassi' & Kindergarten indoctrination • Vulgarity does not serve the conservative cause • AFA Alert: Pepsico and 'Family Guy'

Part Two • Click HERE
Email received items • NObama allowing hundreds of thousands of palestinians to enter the US • Dick Morris: Can NObama do the job? • Poor African American woman tried working for a year but didn't like it • Audio: Limbaugh regarding football article that should be about government • Federal 'bail out' bill pays for Kennedy legacy • Dept of Justice investigates AZ Sheriff who enforces immigration law • NObama considers troops on the Mexican border • Chris Dodd protects AIG bonuses, now wants money back • Economists give NObama failing grade • Audio: Loretta Sanchez defends earmarks • Billboard contest for anti-Rush slogan (you won't believe this)

Show notes & links:
• Restrained No More on socialized medicine HERE
• Homosexual agenda in Kindergarten HERE
• Limbaugh reading piece about football HERE
• Feds spending money on Kennedy legacy HERE
• Justice Dept investigates AZ Sheriff HERE
• Obama considers troops on Mexican border HERE
• Pepsi Boycott info HERE and HERE
• Chris Dodd for bonuses, against bonuses HERE
• Economists give NObama failing grade HERE
• Sanchez defends earmarks HERE
• Billboard to insult Limbaugh contest winner HERE

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