Saturday, March 28, 2009


Daniel Hannon speaks to
the British Prime Minister

Notre Dame update with SonlitKnight

Each segment runs approximately 40 minutes.

Part One • Click HERE
Commercial for the new Rapture Ready Radio • Opening sequence • Daniel Hannan speaks to the British Prime Minister • NObama on outsourced jobs • NObama & 'Smartmeters' • Dick Morris on NObama's economic chaos • Sweden rocked by radical Islam • The casting of a Three Stooges movie • California ready to ban black cars

Part Two • Click HERE
Students at Norte Dame protest NObama's invitation • Interview: SonlitKnight on NObama & Norte Dame • How NObama was invited • Removing The Conscience Clause • The mask is off of liberalism now • Election trends • Britain checks for buildings wasting heat • In Mexico, Hillary Clinton was partly right • If you smoke dope, stop it • Audio: JediWill on youtube on NObama - great commentary

Show notes & links:
• Rapture Ready Radio HERE
• Daniel Hannon speaks to PM Gordon Brown HERE
• Dick Morris: NObama economy HERE
• Sweden rocked by Islam HERE
• Casting the Three Stooges movie HERE
• California to ban black cars HERE and HERE
• Students protest at Notre Dame HERE
• Britain checks buildings for wasted heat HERE
• Hillary in Mexico: She was partly right HERE
• JediWill on NObama HERE

1 comment:

Bigfoot said...

I once had a Chevy Caprice with a white paint exterior and a black interior. The inside could get very hot because of the latter. I guess that's the next thing the environuts will ban.