Wednesday, March 11, 2009



MSNBC Readers giving Obama an F
British government healthcare nightmares

Each segment runs approximately 40 minutes. The Jimmy Z Show is always in high resolution stereo.

Part One • Click HERE
Opening sequence • MSNBC reader poll: Give President Obama a grade • British government healthcare nightmares • California law puts people in jail for animal hit & run • Teachers protest layoffs in Lost Angeles • IRS goes after '' creator • Democrats stung by dissenters • Homosexual activists in California now seeking removing of the word 'marriage' from state laws • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on folks who are afraid to say Obama is a disaster

Part Two • Click HERE
The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Debra JM Smith • Informing Christians dot com • Peter LaBarbera and Americans For Truth • The Flight 93 Memorial controversy • 'They Took The Money Away' • Closing thank you to my listeners

Debra JM Smith/
Peter LaBarbera/Americans For Truth interview HERE
Flight 93 Memorial expose HERE
MSNBC poll: Give Obama a grade HERE

Show notes & links:
• The British healthcare nightmares HERE
• Animal hit & run law in California HERE
• LA Teachers Union protesters HERE
• Tax cheat retribution HERE
• Democrats stung by dissenters HERE
• Removing the word 'marriage' from state law HERE
• Limbaugh on people afraid to say Obama is a disaster HERE


Bigfoot said...

The blog I contribute to has been part of the Flight 93 Blog Burst for quite a while (and long before I joined). We have our own category for it.

I have visited the Shankville, PA site. It's not too far from where I live, in MD. Here are my pics, from last Sept.

Jimmy Z said...

What a great comment and thank you so much for the links! Good work.