Friday, August 21, 2009


Liberal Youtuber goes off on Rush Limbaugh
Obama to invest billions in offshore oil
drilling - in Brazil!

Show No. 158-2009

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Opening • U2 and Bono's self-righteousness • Audio: Limbaugh's Barney Frank joke • Audio: Liberal Youtuber goes nutso-cuckoo on Limbaugh • Drop in world temps fuels global warming debate • Zogby poll has Obama at lowest point yet • Cool response to Kennedy's request for new law • Audio: JibJab, 'This Land' from 2004 • Audio: JibJab, 'Barack Obama, Superhero' • Washington Times, Jon Voight on Civil War • Audio: Glenn Beck's Obama Anthem • Keith Olbermann whining about Republicans • Coming up

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Audio: Olbermann & Howard Feinmann whine about Republicans • Audio: Black woman celebrates Obama crazy for Obama for a few minutes • Complaints filed against pornography businesses • Shelley Lubben and her ministry • Shocking pornography statistics • Scandal: Obama will invest in oil drilling - in Brazil • Palin's comments • Jim Towey writes about 'Your Life, Your Choices', a VA document • Q&A with Michael Moore • Obama says 'We are God's partners' • Liberal thinks not passing health care will result in democrats losing their majority • Assault rifles at an Obama protest in Arizona • Audio: Rachel Maddow whines about the public option • White House ditches the email 'snitch' address

Show notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: Barney Frank loses it at town hall
Youtube: Re Limbaugh's Barney Frank joke (WARNING: Language)
McClatchy: Drop in world temps fuels global warming debate
Newsmax: Zogby, Obama hits record low in poll
Boston Globe: Leaders cool to Kennedy's request to appoint interim successor
Youtube: JibJab, This Land!
Youtube: JibJab, Barack Obama, Superhero
Washington Times: Inside the Beltway, Jon Voight
Youtube: Glenn Beck's Obama National Anthem
Youtube: Keith Olbermann, Obama defends health care again
Youtube: Black woman celebrates Obama, for a short time
LA Times: Groups file complaints against pornography companies
Shelley Lubben's website to help people get out of pornography
700 Club: Shelley Lubben's testimony Obama to invest $2 billion to drill for oil - in Brazil
WSJ: President Obama finances offshore drilling in Brazil Palin questions Obama sending $2 billion to Brazil
Facebook: Sarah Palin on spending tax dollars on foreign oil
WSJ: Jim Towey, The Death Book for veterans
Hollywood Reporter: Q&A with Michael Moore
The Politico: Obama says 'We are God's partners'
ABC News blog: Dem majority is history if health reform fails
CNN: Man carries assault rifle to Obama protest
WND: Fawning media, 'Obama now scared of his own shadow'
The Politico: White House disables e-tip 'snitch' email address

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