Sunday, August 30, 2009



Obama to control private networks on the internet?
UN: Teach masturbation to 5 year old kids
Glenn Beck asks Obama a very pointed question

Show No. 166-2009

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Opening • Coming up, Obama wants to take control of the internet • Email from a listener regarding child abuse and molestation • Hang Onto Yourself Story No. 1 • Audio: School security officer does not like anti-Obama protester • Hang Onto Yourself No. 2 • Obama administration seeks control of private networks on the internet • Hang Onto Yourself No. 3 • UN advocates teaching masturbation to 5 year olds •

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Top Jimmy Z • Back from the beach • Dodgers in extra innings • Jocelyn Elders back to recommend sex ed for kindergartners • 'More abortions in the black community because more black women are getting pregnant' -- duh! • Rant: Who is most responsible for an unwanted pregnancy? • Audio:Dr. David Jeremiah, preaching about the news stories we see today • Hang Onto Yourself No. 4 • Audio: MSNBC claims 'white people with guns' are upset with the 'person of color' in the White House • Audio: MSNBC commentator says the word 'socialist' is right wing code word for 'nigger' • Audio: Glenn Beck last Friday

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Youtube: Officer does not like anti Obama poster
WND: Town hall clash! Cop vs. Obama 'Joker' poster
Canada Free Press: 'It ain't [America] no more, ok?'
CNET: Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
Fox News: Senate Bill would give president emergency control of internet
Pipeline News: Team Obama - no internet for you
Dissident Voice: Obama administration seeks 'emergency control' of the internet
Fox News: UN Report advocates teaching masturbation to 5 year olds
CNS News: Former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders advocates sex ed for kindergartners
Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries
Youtube: MSNBC says gun toting protesters are 'white' and 'racist'
Youtube: Guy who carried AR-15 was a black American
Youtube: MSNBC, 'socialist' is a right wing code word for 'nigger' Clip from Friday's Glenn Beck program

1 comment:

Grumpy Putz said...

socialist, marxist, fascist, or communist - it's all the same.
The Communist Party USA loves Obama. link here
From the article...
Within our country, the Obamajority is needed to take to the streets in support of health care with a public option paid for by reversing the obscene tax giveaways to the super rich during the Bush years. If health care reform fails, it will be a giant step backwards for the Obama administration and for working people, the labor movement, African American, Latino, Asian-Pacific Island communities, women and youth on every issue including the economy, peace and democracy.
The right wing is actively trying to shut down expression of opinion.

The last line is the one that truly amazes me. That's not what we're seeing at the town hall meetings and the joker poster hangings. The left had no problem with Bush being made up as the joker or dracula.