Saturday, August 22, 2009


Jon Voight on Hannity, flays Obama again
Court gives victory to 17 year old former Muslim
Obama DOJ's arguments for wiretapping
worse than Bush's!

Show No. 159-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Jon Voight on Hannity, flays Obama • Rewind: Jeanine Garofalo calls conservatives racists, tea bagging rednecks • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • The health care bill is DOA • Democrats are not debating philosophy • Ramming the bill through • Deficit projection increased by the White House from $7 to $9 trillion • Charlie Cook, democrats have 'slipped completely out of control' • Mr. NRA • Weapons carried at the Obama protest in Arizona • People have had enough • The 90% weapons lie (Arms in Mexico) • Audio: Ted Nugent talks with Texas Monthly

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Email from listeners • Obama's Fabian Window • The college professor illustrating socialism story • Hemlock is poisonous • Attorney goes after Pelosi in scathing letter • Limbaugh's coverage of VA document 'Your life, your choices' • Comments at the Wall Street Journal • Audio: Mark Levin on the hypocrisy of the AARP • Catholics step up fight against health care bill • Court gives 17 year old former Muslim girl victory • Hannity for President? • Audio: John Stossel inteviews Whole Foods CEO John Mackey in 2007 • Gretta van Susteren interviews Whole Foods boycott leader • John Mackey's 'really nasty' editorial

BONUS Hour • Click HERE to download
Clip from Bruce Almighty • Obama leaves for 10-day vacation • Governor Patterson of New York plays the race card • Obama's investment of $2 billion for off shore drilling in Brazil • Audio: Our vulgar friend goes off on a number of issues • Michael Steele with Hannity on the nuclear option • Hannity and Steele on the VA Death Book • Clinton gave Kim Jong Ill a 'media coup' after all • DNA evidence can be fabriated! • CBS News reports on AARP backlash • Herschkowitz, some of Obama's policies are border line anti-Semitic • Eric Massa will vote against the interests of his district • SHOCKER: Obama DOJ's new arguments in wiretapping are worse than Bush's • Climate bill could cost 2 million more jobs

Hour ONE features all original bumper music by Jimmy Z (Theme by Numira)
Debra JM Smith's exclusive interview with Dr. David Reagan will appear NEXT week

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Youtube: Jon Voight blasts Obama again
Youtube: Obama guarantees health care reform
Bloomberg: Pelosi says House health measure needs Public Option
The Politico: Hoyer, Public Option may have to go
The Politico: Dem situation has 'slipped out of control'
Reuters: Obama to hike ten year projected deficit from $7 to $9 trillion
CNN: Man carries assault rifle to Obama protest
Youtube: Texas Monthly talks with Ted Nugent
Freedom is Knowledge: Beware of Obama's Fabian Window
Attorney's letter to Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh: Obama revives VA Death Book
Mark Levin home page
Newsmax: Catholics step up fight against 'unacceptable' health care bill
WND: Court gives 17 year old former Muslim victory
WND: President Hannity? Talker drops hint
Youtube: John Stossel, interviews Jack Mackey of Whole Foods Market
Youtube: Gretta van Susteren with Whole Foods boycotter
Yahoo: Obama leaves Washington for 10-day vacation
NY Daily News: Gov. Patterson blames calls for him to step aside on race
Fox News: US loan to Brazilian oil company riles conservatives
Youtube: Michael Steele on Hannity, talks about nuclear option
Mercury News: Details of Clinton's visit to North Korea
NY Times: DNA evidence can be fabricated
CBS News: AARP backlash
ASA -American Seniors Association home page
Jerusalem Post: Herschkowitz says Obama close to anti-Semitic
Washington Times: Rep. Massa will vote against the interests of his district Warrentless wiretapping, Obama DOJ's arguments worse than Bush's
Youtube: Obama declares no more wiretapping during campaign
The Hill: Climate bill could cost 2 million more jobs

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