Saturday, August 15, 2009


Arrested in Florida . . . for praying
Americans trust Conservatives on 8 of 10 major issues

Show No. 153-2009

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Opening • 'Thanks But No Thanks', Haymaker • The DARK SIDE of Jimmy Z • Obama's safety, an ABC News story • This has nothing to do with his race • Jeanine Garofalo, 'Black man in the White House' • Ed Schultz, 'They want Obama to get shot' • What we face is bigger than left vs. right • Militia groups • The worst thing for our country would be for something to happen to Obama • Of course it comes down to Rush Limbaugh • Its the left that keeps talking about Nazism • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • The Sarah Palin, Barack Obama debate this week over Health Care • Sarah Palin defeated Obama on the 'death panels' section • Audio: The Palin/Obama Bout! • Post fight analysis • Arrested for praying in Florida

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Arrested for praying in Florida, continued • Rant: What happened to our country? The ACLU • Senior class president is forbidden from speaking, she might say something religious • We need a battery of conservative lawyers to battle against the ACLU • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Trust on the Issues, the Conservatives lead in 8 of the 10 biggest issues • LivePrayer's Bill Keller writes that telling the truth will land you in jail • Obama slams TV over health care "ruckus"

Show Notes & Links
ABC News: Obama's safety, Hate groups thrive
Sarah Palin, responding to Obama's statement in New Hampshire
Washington Times: Arrested for praying in Florida
Rasmussen: Who do Americans trust on the issues? Conservatives
Bill Keller: Telling the truth will land you in jail
Breitbart: Obama slams TV over health care 'ruckus'

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Nearly Nobody said...

I think you should keep the California themes in your show as much as possible. You can't be dismissed as a flyover state red neck or a southern racist. The 70's hippie California music is not only awesome music I just know it pisses liberals off. Liberal mind (Cali Music = Liberal) (Banjo Picking = Conservative) ( JZ Show + Cali Music + Conservative View = ahh!! ummm!! Ettt!! ahh!! ahhh!! ummm!!

Hank Dunckel said... Link to the Southern Legal Center... Janet Reno is or has been a member of this group.