Monday, August 10, 2009


Wanted: Internment/Resettlement Specialists
The American Liberal Jewish Voter today

Show No. 148-2009

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Opening • Alex Jones • Charlie Reese, '545 People' • Rant: Politicians are responsible for the problems we face • Series: Why Obama is not a Christian • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Unemployment figures deciphered • New York Times touts recovery • Oil prices rising • Leah calls cspan and responds to 'mob' accusations • Leah is a good example of Americans who are waking up • Opposition emerges to new jets for Congress

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National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs ads • website description of Internment/ Resettlement Specialist • Health care bill would ok forced vaccinations • Audio: Fox News analysis of martial law and swine flu • The American Liberal Jewish voter • Jewish groups denounce use of Nazi images • Jewish voters don't agree with Obama on Israel, but still support him as President • Jewish groups decry Obama's choice of Mary Robinson for the Medal of Freedom • Video, Obama is not Hitler • Democrats blast Limbaugh for using Nazi imagery • Audio: Carrie Prejean on Hannity, live in San Diego Friday • Amazing: Letters from mother to son in jail censored for religious content • Rapture Ready Radio, the inside story

Show notes • Links • Audio/Video
Alex Jones attacking Michelle Malkin (go to 2:49)
Charlie Reese, '545 People'
Youtube: Why Obama is not a Christian
So what is the real unemployment rate?
NY Times touts economic momentum, in '92 not so much
Washington Times: Happy days aren't here yet
Youtube: Leah responds to 'mob' accusations
Opposition emerges to House's jet spending spree
WND: National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs ads Internment/Resettlement Specialist job description
Newsmax: Health care bill would ok forced vaccinations
Youtube: Fox News analysis of martial law and swine flu
FoxNews: Jewish groups denounce use of Jewish images
Newsmax: Obama breaks from the Jews Jewish groups decry Obama's choice of Mary Robinson
Youtube: Obama is not Hitler
Jerusalem Post: Democrats blast Limbaugh for using Nazi imagery
Youtube: Carrie Prejean on Hannity Friday
CNA: Jail officials censored private religious letters from mother to son


Grumpy Putz said...

I remember the Jones/Malkin confrontation. Malkin was attacked for supporting putting americans in interment camps and lying about the marine that threw the puppy over the cliff. The goons shouting "Kill Malkin" were provocateurs not affilited with Jone's crew and were acting on their own. This all came out later and the media apologized to Jones. Malkin claimed the puppy was fake and Jones was a liar and she never has apologized. Sorry, but this is the truth about what happened. Jones was caught on film using some unappropriate language, however. I objected to this at the time because he claims to be a Christian on the air.

Jz said...

Credibility wise, I think Michelle Malkin has the edge. But in the interested of fair play, I will invite you to provide to me links to news stories and from reliable sources that would back up the claims that you've written here. It's worth exploring if it can be verified. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

Grumpy Putz said...

more about my previous post...

I was a daily follower of Malkin's Hotair blog until she did this. Had memberships with Hannity, Limbaugh and Quinn & Rose out of Pgh until I caught everyone of them lying. I passed out recordings of conservative radio until I found out the truth about the fake left-right paradigm. A good example of this is how the left-wing media keeps reporting that the right-wing is behind the protests at the town hall meetings. The patriot movement which consists of ALL americans of ALL parties that are fed up with the government are actually driving the protests and have been having tea parties since right after the 2006 election. The media is only reporting on them now because the republicans have co-opted them. I only listen to Christian and patriot radio now. That's why you are on the list. Get a little annoyed with you now & then because of your unwavering support of the republicans. Seems like they can do no wrong. I have been and still am a conservative. Voted for GW twice. He really showed his true colors after the 2nd election... not the man I voted for. Obama is almost a carbon copy of George Bush but you guys don't seem to get that. He really hasn't done anything differently... abortion, big government, bankster bailout, torture, secret wire-tapping, destroying the constitution, stifling free speech, etc, etc, etc... join the patriot movement and get away from the partisan politics. We have a lot more real Christians in our ranks. A fun bunch to hang out with.

Republicans were in office 20 of the last 30 years thanks to the religious right and they never did try to end abortion... says alot right there. God Bless & keep the faith.