Friday, September 23, 2011


Perry and Romney square off: Perry loses outright
Miracle: Dodger beating victim is speaking to family

Rant: Perry is wrong on TX instate tuition issue
Show No. 173-2011

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Jason said...

All these GOP debates are going to give America a true taste of the evil that is the FAR RIGHT of America.

The gay soldier getting BOOED even though he is risking his life for these unpatriotic turds?

The audience members who screamed thats someone without insurance should just DIE and not be taken care of at a hospital!

I thank your side for being so honest as to your true ugly selves. This will turn off independents in DROVES.

Jz said...

I'm all for it. If being homosexual is the most important thing to him over and above his service to his country? !?*$@! him. Homosexualizing the military is NOT popular. It was politically forced on the military. You're going to see fewer men and women re-enlist, and fewer men and women enlist the first time. Watch.

You're wrong, as usual.

Jason said...

It's not popular huh? You should read the comments on sites like huffington on the story of the soldier getting booed. These are the same people who gave Obama 10 million more votes than Mccain got. These are the same people who will re-elect him in 2012.

Jz said...

Not on the Huffington Post!? No!! /sarc

Enjoy yourself. If you want to ride the homosexualizing of our military into the sunset, who am I to stop you.

Jz said...

We have elected Presidents - great presidents - without homosexual support before, and we will again. I don't care what someone like that clown says, with more pride in the ass-ramming he does than what he does as a soldier. Hooray, he does anal sex. Big freakin' deal.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

I'm beginning to wonder if "The Beast" is homosexuality.

It appears that the closer we get to the day of Jesus' return, the more the acceptance of homosexuality is becoming that which people are measured by.

Those who are not accepting of homosexuality are more and more being treated as outcasts from the main stream (worldly) society. It has even crept into many supposed right-wing groups. --I suppose it goes both ways, as in, it exposes wolves, as well.

The bible speaks of "pride" coming before the "fall." It is ironic that homosexuals use the term "homosexual pride." It is also ironic that every great nation has fallen after homosexuality ran ramped.

Could "THE BEAST" be "HOMOSEXUALITY?" Could the acceptance of homosexuality be "THE MARK?" --If it isn't, it sure is a picture of it.

And let's keep in mind that one of the biggest goals of the homosexual agenda is to make it where we cannot buy or sell if we do not accept homosexuality. Is that not what will happen to those who refuse the sign of the beast? Yes, it sure is.

If someone does not believe me, look around at the states that have laws that will shut a place of business right down, if that place does not do business with homosexuals and or homosexual events. Look at the lawsuits out there against Christian owned businesses that refused to be party to a homosexual event. (And if you cannot earn money, then you cannot buy anything.)

Currently there is a lawsuit against a school district for not allowing homosexual websites to be accessed by children. And then there is a group of homosexuals demanding that PAYPAL cut off some right-wing organizations that speak against homosexuality.

Yes, homosexuals are out to starve anyone who will not accept the mark of homosexuality.

hmm... But wait. Before the homosexuals and other liberals get all excited over the thought of this, just know that the church (all born again believers) will be raptured out of here, caught up in the sky with Jesus before the MARK OF THE BEAST is fully forced on anyone who wants to live. --And that is no matter what exactly is "THE BEAST."

Debra J.M. Smith

Jz said...

Thank you Debra. It is a much bigger issue than the issue of acceptance of homosexual offenders in the military.

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jz said...

Jason said...

The beast is out of the box and there really is nothing we can do about it.

I, for one, don't believe in sadistic gods who torture people for eternity for failing to blow smoke up his ass.

I also don't care what some homo does , so long as he doesn't try to do it to me.

Homos are main stream. The wealthiest tech company in the world - Apple, is now run by a homo... They have money and power
and a willingness "not to give a F*" ...

but go ahead and discriminate against them-- it's your money you'll be losing in anti discrimination lawsuits. There's just nothing you can do -- if you can't beat em - join em :)

I'll be into women till I die - so I'm not concerned about my wee wee falling off.

(Reposted because of vulgarity).

Jz said...

Jason, God simply allows you to make the choice. If you choose a lifetime without God, why would He force you to spend eternity with Him? That would be illogical. So that's what hell is - an eternity without God; without justice, without goodness, without love.

The wealthiest tech company can kiss my ass. I don't care about Apple.

Jason said...

"The wealthiest tech company can kiss my ass. I don't care about Apple."

You don't have to care about them Jimmy -- They care about you.

Jason said...

See, the thing is, it really doesn't MATTER what you or other christian conservatives CONSIDER normal. It's not your place to project your values on other people. This is a FREE world and a FREE people. TO EACH THEIR OWN. Let other people live their lives and stop trying to judge and force other people to live by your standards. You have absolutely *NO BUSINESS* meddling in other peoples affairs.

Now I'm sure you'll come up with the tired and irrelevant excuse that they MAKE it your business-- by MERELY EXISTING. See, that's the trouble with people like you in a FREE country. This is not a closed society. This is a melting pot country established on the principle of FREE RELIGION, FREE THOUGHT and FREE EXPRESSION.

You'd probably say "Well, shouldn't have to have my children exposed to these homosexuals" -- My response: That's YOUR fault. You have a choice to move yourself and your children to a closed society without the freedoms I listed above. Perhaps that would suit you and your christian beliefs better. You just happen to live in a country where people have a right to live in a manner that upsets your stomach. Problem is, you are too caught up in expressing your right to complain about these lifestyles that you're blinded by the fact that you are needlessly exposing yourself to these type of things way more than you would if you just LIVE and LET live. You live under the delusion that your proactive stance against homosexuality will end up causing their freedoms to be taken away - Which is not going to happen, unless you vote in a fascist anti-American who would do your anti American bidding.

Jz said...

You're wrong again. We didn't bring their sex lives out into the streets - they did! So at that point we have not only a RIGHT but the RESPONSIBILITY to stand against their perversion.

As far as children go, I know you want to indoctrinate and teach children perversity. The next step is pedophilia. That's how sick YOU and your ilk is! Wow, how horrible for us Christians to stand against perversity and depravity! What gall we have!

We didn't start the fire. God will put it out.

Jason said...

I'm a heterosexual and of COURSE I think pedophiles should be jailed. Homosexual activity between two consenting adults is a victimless crime. Pedophiles are all creating victims. Big difference you hate filled psychopath.

Jz said...

Again, the next item up for bids from the immorality crowd is pedophilia. Watch.

Jason said...

I've been researching laws that violate the constitution . like the above TN Law I linked -- The majority of those kind of laws are signed by CONSERVATIVES.

You truly belong to the side that is destroying America ...

Jz said...

Also from Jason: "New TN law signed by REPUBLICANS makes it illegal to post potentially offensive images or text on the internet.

More right wing FASCISM."

Jz says: Even if it was a law, it's not fascism. Challenge it. Obama has the Constitution in shreds. You dolts are the anti-Constitution crowd - don't even start that crap here. I'm not posting the link because (a) I don't trust it, won't click it myself because who knows what's on that site and (b) there is NOTHING in the news on any google search about any such thing. I searched four different ways. Nothing. Not a peep.

Jason said...

The law is
"Code Title 39, Chapter 17"

Search that and you'll find it.

That link wasn't a bad one btw- you're too pessimistic and paranoid.

Jz said...

LOL, like I'll risk links from a maniac leftwinger.

Jz said...

Here's the law. Cite your concern.

jason said...

Maniac leftwinger? Wow _ You certainly are a hateful and divisive person>

Jason said...

name one statement i made that is unhinged or maniacal?

just because I suggested we have no business controlling whether other people are homos?

you are certainly a hateful person.

Jz said...

By definition all liberals are maniacal.

Jz said...

Deleted that last comment of yours. Please cite your concerns about that law. Specify by item number.

Jason said...

Are you this rude in real life or just when you're hiding behind your computer?

I imagine you are a lonely single guy, judging by your anti social attitude.

Jz said...

I imagine you aren't going to cite anything.

Jason said...


Arstechnica is a well known tech oriented site so you shouldn't be afraid to click that link...

I do find it utterly disingenuous that you say you don't go to links given by "leftists" when I imagine most of the websites on the internet you use are ran by "leftists" -- Including your web browser, google, microsoft, etc...You can't escape leftists and the enourmous impact we've had on technology and the sciences. If you really don't like us - stop using products created by leftists.

seriously, - we make up a huge portion of America -- If you really hate us like you tend to suggest, You don't like America either because like it or not WE ARE AMERICA. You would probably be better off leaving the country all together if you hate us so much. We sure aren't leaving.

Jz said...

Stop your whining. Cite your complaint about the law you don't like.

Jason said...

Look at the comments from the right wingers on that story. People on your side want to execute and/or imprison all gay people.

That's the side you represent. You don't see any right wingers speaking out against the extreme fascist rhetoric there. All you see is people supporting that brutal of a response.

It's also the right wingers who are for burning and banning books, as you can see from the comments there. This is why conservatism in America is about to destroy itself. The people who make up the movement are going INSANE.

Jz said...

More left wing maniacal drivel. Books with deviant, depraved and inappropriate sexual themes are being FORCED on American children by homosexual activists to promote their sick agenda. And when good and decent people react, you call THEM evil? You're really screwed up in your head. A product of indoctrination yourself.