Monday, September 19, 2011


Home Bible study leaders sue city over zoning fines
USMC Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush

Nobel winner quits science group over climate views
Show No. 170-2011

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Opening • The first ever Road Rant • I was right: The Day of Rage was a day of whimpering • Glenn Beck's predictions of doom and another Greece style riot • Beck was wrong and I was right • Beck changed about the time of the 2010 election • Why some people fall for the doom and gloom angle • Grocery store union worker strike (prevented at press time) • Grocery store work is not rocket surgery • What grocery workers would pay for health care • Union workers cannot work even if they want to • If union workers go on strike, union employees should go without pay • Weather in Southern California • Local couple cited for running a church in their home • 20 people on Wednesdays, 50 people on Sunday mornings • Garage and yard sales • Christians should be sensitive to their neighbors • Why not rotate the meeting to other homes? • Audio: CBS 60 Minutes: Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush • Mission gone wrong, help never came •

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Opening • Newsmax email headlines • Nobel Winner Quits U.S. Science Group Over Climate Stance • Blacks File Racial Discrimination Suit Against Democrats • Obama Attacks GOP for Blocking DREAM Act • China Invades Caribbean With Huge Investments • Loser in Weiner District Vote Blames Obama • Tennessee, Utah Least Favorable to Union Labor • Audio: Wayne Resnick interview: How the grocery union worker health care system works • Audio: Dick Morris TV: How the GOP will nominate the next president • More discussion: Running a church in your home • Neighbors can be upset, and reasonably so • City ordinance is quite clear • 70 people a week sounds like a regular church service to me • Comments from folks on Facebook • Guy who painted his house purple • I would report a neighbor who was having 70 people over every week • The rotating solution • Christians are supposed to treat their neighbors as they would be treated • Even one neighbor has a right to complain about the neighborhood rules not being followed • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: California, Texas, in-state tuition for illegal aliens and Rick Perry

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
NY Post: Anti-Wall Street protest fizzles, as fewer than 300 show up
My Fox New York: "Day Of Rage" Continues In NYC
Ranchers: As Glenn Beck warned: US Day of Rage, Sept 17th
LA Times: Grocery strike threat: Talks continue to try to avert walkout
Capistrano Dispatch: Capistrano Couple in Legal Battle for Hosting Bible Study in Home
World Net Daily: City demands Christians get permit for Bible study
Facebook: California City Fines Couple for Holding Bible Study in Their Home
Facebook: Home Bible studies: Zoning laws and CC&Rs are written to protect neighborhoods
CBS News: Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush
CBS News: Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush (text)
Military Times: A Marine Corps Times Blog – Thoughts on the ’60 Minutes’ piece with Dakota Meyer
Newsmax: Email update: Loser in Weiner Race Blames Obama
KFI AM 640: Wayne Resnick: Grocery Workers Strike (9/18/11)
Rush Limbaugh: California, Texas and Rick Perry


Jason said...

More calls for civil war from the right..

So tell me, Mr. Jimmy - Are if you guys get your wish of civil war, are you going to come to my house and kill me because I don't join your conservative cause? How will this civil war work? Anyone who has ever claimed to be a liberal gets executed?

I'm wondering what the Jesus people would do to me.

Jason said...

Breitbart courted gay people to CPAC
and now he wants to kill liberals for calling him gay.

So much love from conservatives...

Makes me want to join right up, yessiree ... I love being physically threatened because I have different opinions. What a joy it is to live in modern America.

Jz said...

Mr. Breitbart bothers me with his courting the homosexuals at CPAC, and he is a member of the GOProud advisory board. Complain to them. I don't talk about civil war because I know it's not necessary. But when you have SO MANY of your folks getting wacky and using violent imagery lately - I want you to respond to that. You have ZERO room to talk about Breitbart. What he's saying, basically, is that IF it comes down to that, we're not going to back down. If douchebags like Jimmy Hoffa want it to get violent, it's not like we cannot respond. Mr. Breitbart is responding to a lot of the ongoing crap from liberals over an extended period of time. Obama said it was going to be different back in January at the Arizona memorial. And ever since, the liberals have been MORE hysterical, not less. So you have a lot of explaining to do.

And I would like you to acknowledge that you were wrong about food stamps, please.

Jason said...

Why do you take part in such dishonest propaganda Jimmy? Do Christians also have a form of "Taqiua -- like the Muslims do, which allow you to lie if it furthers your cause?

If you actually listened to Jimmy Hoffa's quote:
It said, Adlib "Everybody here’s got a vote, Let's take these sons of bitches out" -- That OBVIOUSLY makes it not a violent threat but a threat to take the tea party out at the voting booth.

It was YOUR side who responded with MANY MANY death threats toward Hoffa.
It was YOUR side in 2010 who made comments like "We might have to take a 2nd ammendment approach if we don't win in the election -- Like Bachman said.

You have even been threatened with death from birthers. I have been threatened with death personally and I've never had a death threat toward me in my life before a conservative did it.

You truly have a log in your eye.

Jason said...

ps. If you are correct about 4 states allowing food stamps to be used at fast food, they must not be on the same national program. (EBT) .. It must be state seperate program. National guidelines for food stamps prohibit cooked food from being bought.

I feel they should restrict people from buying sweets and soft drinks with them as well...tho I'm sure you think it's a "States Right" issue, being as far right wing as you are.

Jz said...

He called it a war. You are in denial. Unions sent the jobs out of America. Unions are responsible. 'We are your army, we are ready to march.' LOL, not exactly as you presented.

Jz said...

Same national program.

Jason said...

Unions are responsible aye?

Ironic, considering that list of the 10 poorest states in the United States I posted the other day are all CONSERVATIVE RUN -- 7 of those states are ANTI union states ...

The wealthiest and most educated states in the U.S. are all pro union states and liberal run.

You never could explain away that fact. The truth is *not* on your side. Just spin and propaganda.

p.s. I stand corrected on the food stamp issue. I don't think that's right what those 4 states are doing.
At least I can admit when I'm wrong, unlike someone here.

Jz said...

The liberal states - for example California and New York are two - are in economic shambles. And that the unions have had a hand in sending jobs out of the country is not refutable. Now, if you have about 7.5% (8% on the outside) of private workers unionized, the effect on the overall economy (benefiting you contend) cannot be established.