Monday, September 12, 2011


Tami Michaels talks about watching 9/11 happen
Voices from the grave remind us to never forget

Truthers denigrate the memory of those who died
Show No. 165-2011

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Opening • Overview of today's 9/11 show • Rant: Truthers insult the memory of those who died on 9/11Audio: Bryan Suits talks with Tami Michaels about her experience on 9/11 • Break • Reading: Internet article about Tami Michaels and her husband Guy and their experience in New York on 9/11 • Watching people jump and watching the towers fall from their hotel room on the 35th floor • After the towers came down • Information about their videotape • Article no longer available online • Bill Keller's Devotional on 9/12, the day after • Audio: TV News report on Tami Michaels video • Excerpts of their comments there in the hotel room • Tami's veteran hiring program today • Tami's video is on Youtube now •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • 9/11 hits hard once you start reading about it • Audio: Commentary from The Jesus Christ Show on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 • Is religion the cause of war? • The make up of those people who died on 9/11 • Humanists and secularists like to say religion is at the heart of all war • The only constant in war is humanity • Break • Last Thursday's prediction that Obama would be the clergy at the 9/11 Memorial service • Audio: Obama at the memorial on Sunday • Audio: George W. Bush at the memorial on Sunday • Audio: News report on  pilot Charles Burlingame's brother • Amazing: Laminated prayer card survives the crash, the fire and the building crumbling • Audio: Radio and telephone excepts from the NY Times • Audio: Kevin Cosgrove's last phone call from the World Trade Center

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: Jimmy Z: 9/11 Tribute graphic
The Jimmy Z Show: Sunday, November 10 2010: 9/11 Special
KOMO News: Tami Michaels: Inside Out
Wikia: Image showing layout of World Trade Center and Millenium Hilton
Live Prayer: Bill Keller: The Day After
King5 Seattle: Seeing 9/11 up close puts woman to work hiring veterans
YouTube: 9/11 WTC NIST FOIA : Tami Michaels footage part 1 of 2
YouTube: 9/11 WTC NIST FOIA : Tami Michaels footage part 2 of 2
YouTube: Millenium Hilton Eyewitnesses Tami Michaels and Guy Rosbrook
YouTube: 9/11 New FOIA Zoomed Footage of Person Waving and Explosions
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show: War
The Jesus Christ Show: Official Website
Facebook: Jimmy Z: Why there will be no clergy at the 9/11 memorial
YouTube: President Obama Delivers Reading at Ground Zero on 9/11 Anniversary
YouTube: George W. Bush Delivers Reading at Ground Zero on 9/11 Anniversary
KCBS 2: Brad Burlingame talks about his brother Charles, American Airline pilot
YouTube: Sep 11 - "Why the Towers Fell" - Nova PBS
NY Times: The 9/11 Tapes: The Story in the Air - Interactive Feature
YouTube: Kevin Cosgrove's LIVE 911 call as he dies
Wide Awake Cafe: The Wide Awake Cafe » Kevin Cosgrove’’s Final Call
Rumor Mill News: A Voice from 9/11 - Kevin Cosgrove at the top of the South Tower
9-11 Heroes: 9-11 Victim Memorial: Kevin M. Cosgrove
YouTube: Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Filmed Atop The World Trade Center)

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