Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Maxine Waters on Obama's call to 'stop complaining'
Breaking down some Obama and some Geithner

Morgan Freeman rant replay: Obama 2012 is about race
Show No. 176-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: John & Ken on Solyndra & the NY Times article • Solyndra officers take the fifth • Silicon prices began falling • Bush administration backed out of the deal • Solyndra was losing money • Revenues vs. expenses • Washington lobbyists hired by Solyndra • Obama supporter • Solyndra received a $34 million tax break from Schwarzenegger's administration • Audio: Christian stuff: The story of Job in 'The Rifleman' • Break • Audio: Gary Johnson's 'Neighbor's dog' line • Obama in Hollywood at the House of Blues: Heckler wastes a great opportunity • Obama's opening acts: Hippity hopper B.o.B. and a gay men chorus • Rant: The President of the United States shares the stage with a hippity hopper and the homosexuals in a chorus • Audio: Obama's Jew gaffe at the Congressional Black Caucus meeting • Breaking down the last few minutes of Obama's CBC speech • Rant: The reason these times are tough is because Obama has made them tough • Obama reaches back to identify with the civil rights movement • Many blacks believe Obama is 'down with the struggle' • When was Obama ever patient? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Effen', song parody • Bit: Sgt. Joe Friday to Obama • Audio: Obama at the CBC: I'm gonna press on • Obama is talking about black children, black families • No time to complain: Stop complaining • Almost sounding like a black preacher • Clipping 'CBC' into Obama's speech at various points • Speeding up Obama's speech pace • Great line from Obama: Stop cryin' • Audio: Maxine Waters responds to Obama's call to 'stop complaining' • Waters is very ticked off with that long list of other special interest groups • Audio: Breaking down Geithner interview on ABC on the world economy • Geithner on the San Francisco bridge built in China • Audio rewind: Jimmy Z on Morgan Freeman, Obama's 2012 campaign and racism • I figured out why Freeman and others are going full tilt racism: Obama must be re-elected • Obama's campaign in 2012: Vote for me or you're racist • Audio: Freeman on 60 Minutes years ago: Don't call me a black man •

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