Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Interview: Paul Ibbetson on his book 'The Good Fight'
Tea Party Express welcomes Mitt Romney to speak

Limbaugh: Hoffa's comment is 'a come-on to violence'
Show No. 160-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Jimmy Hoffa, Barack Obama and the rhetoric of fear and cowardice • Detroit: The City Destroyed By Unions • Jimmy Hoffa is scared • Obama endorsed Hoffa's rhetoric • Not the beginning of the next civil war • Unions and union workers are now living in fear • Obama has no chance of being re-elected • Hoffa is a vulgar, loud-mouthed bully • Do not react out of anger • Was Sarah Palin out of line with cross-hairs on a map? • Audio: Rush Limbaugh opens with the Hoffa story • This is the Democrat party • Detroit: A city run by democrats and unions • Hoffa: We're gonna win that war! • Take these son of a bitches out! • 'A come-on to violence' • Some teamsters in the Tea Party • Obama in Arizona calling for calm and rhetoric that doesn't wound • Limbaugh calls Obama a thug back in 2008 • Debbie Wasserman Schultz avoids the question about Hoffa's statement • Media does not ask Hoffa about the 'sons of bitches' comment • Interview: Paul Ibbetson, author of 'The Good Fight: Why Conservatives must take back America' • The goal is much bigger than getting Obama out of the White House • Conservatism defined • Illegal immigration • No GOP contenders are talking about the border issue • Liberals are successful at using minorities • Conservatives intimidate themselves •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Part two of the interview with author Paul Ibbetson • Who takes people like Andre Carson seriously • Social conservatism • Acceptance of homosexuality in conservative circles • Ron Paul and Libertarians • Four groups of Ron Paul supporters • Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama • Going through the list of candidates for the GOP nomination • Facebook comment from Jimmy Z on Hoffa • Obama sinks to new low in the Washington Post - ABC News poll • SodaHead poll: Are you afraid of unions? • Mitt Romney speaks at a Tea Party Express Rally and 200 people show up • Open letter to the Tea Party Express • Audio: Maxine Waters calls for another trillion dollar jobs program •

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