Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Democrats lose big in New York special election
Jan Schakowsky talks about taxing Americans

Three more murders attributed to Fast & Furious
Show No. 167-2011

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Opening • Big election victories for conservatives • Obama's Attack Watch website allows supporters to report people who don't like Obama • Obama is self-smearing • Whiny complaints at Attack Watch • Hopefully someone will report The Jimmy Z Show • Audio: Rush Limbaugh comments on Attack Watch • Back in 2009 Obama had a health care snitch site • Nevada special election: Republican wins easily • Republican Bob Turner wins Anthony Weiner's House seat in NY-09 • Audio: Jimmy Z's Democrat campaign ad • Obama lost the Jewish vote in the NY special election • Audio: Bob Turner victory speech • Red State: How Obama lost the Jewish vote • Voters rebel against Democrats pushing same sex marriage • The White House gears up to blame the candidate • Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1 in Weiner's former district • Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 'It's a very difficult district for Democrats' • John Fund: Three shock waves from last night • Bob Turner was the guy who gave Limbaugh his TV show • Donald Trump: Obama just doesn't get it • Koch hopes Obama and the democrats hear them • Dick Morris: No Democrat is safe • Break • Odd audio coming in from one of the open website windows • Jewish Democrats voted against the Democrat • Latino and black voters stayed home • Reading: Portion of an email from a Ron Paul supporter to a friend of mine • Comment on Facebook: Beck is the only one telling the American people what the media will not • Rant: Beck is not the only one •

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Opening • Ron Paul and Rick Santorum on 9-11 • Music: 'The Ron Paul Supporter', Jimmy Z • Barack Obama jobs speech Bingo card • Audio: Tim Geithner calls Obama's jobs bill the 'conservative, prudent' thing to do • Geithner: If people have a better idea we're open to it • Rant: A better idea is anything beside what we've been doing • Audio: Rep. Jan Schakowsky refuses to answer how much of our money we should keep • She wants to base how much she takes from you based on how much money you make • Rant: Does Jan Schakowsky really pay 35%? I doubt it • Oil company tax breaks, green energy tax breaks • If you make a billion dollars your tax should be 49% • Audio: Obama: If you love me you gotta help me pass this bill • Audio: Obama: Why would we wait to act until another bridge falls • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: Obama doesn't want to pass the jobs bill • Audio: Charles Payne talks about jobs and investments • Audio: Dick Morris: Who won the Republican debate? • Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell with huge approval numbers • Wealthy Obama donors upset with tax changes on charity • Two arrested in Washington Longshoreman incident • Audio: David Axelrod: Obama has a specific jobs plan • Audio: Al Gore talks about green jobs as if no one went bankrupt • Audio: Clips from the Solyndra inquest • Audio: Darrell Issa says that Fast & Furious goes into the White House • CBS News reports that 3 more murders are attributed to Fast & Furious

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
ABC News: Obama ‘Attack Watch’ Website to Help Supporters ‘Fight Back’
NY Magazine: Obama Assumes Fighting Stance With ‘Attack Watch’ Website
Attack Watch: Get the facts. Fight the smears. —
Rush Limbaugh: Home page
White House: Facts Are Stubborn Things
Silver State Election: Election Night Results, Nevada's 2nd District
RGI: Amodei wins House election, will have much on his plate in D.C.
WNYC: Final tally in the New York 9th District special election
Red state: NY-09 Goes Republican For the First Time Since 1922
National Journal: White House Already Spinning Feared New York Loss - Marc Ambinder
Wall Street Journal: GOP Wins in Race to Replace Weiner
Hot Air: Ridiculous NY-09 spin: “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats”
LA Times: Republican takes Anthony Weiner's former House seat in New York
Newsmax: John Fund: Turner Win to Send '3 Shock Waves' Across Political Landscape
Newsmax: Trump on NY Upset: Obama 'Just Doesn't Get It'
Newsmax: Koch: NY Race Proves Obama Can't Take Jewish Vote for Granted
Facebook: Actual excerpt from an email from a Ron Paul supporter
Facebook: You guys are gonna love this - Are you ready? ((GBTV))
Facebook: The Barack Obama Speech Generator Bingo Card
Real Clear Politics: Geithner: Economy In "An Early Stage" Of Crisis
Real Clear Politics: Dem Congresswoman: "You Don't Deserve To Keep All" Of Your Money
Tea Party Chicago: Guess Who Asked for a Tax Cut For Herself? Jan Schakowsky
Real Clear Politics: Obama: "If You Love Me, You've Got To Help Me Pass This Bill"
Real Clear Politics: Obama: "Why Would We Wait To Act Until Another Bridge Falls?"
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Doesn't Want Jobs Bill to Pass
KFI AM 640: Charles Payne: Obama Job Speech (9/10/11)
Washington Post: Virginia poll: Bob McDonnell riding high - Right Turn
Daily Caller: Wealthy Donors | Barack Obama | Charitable Tax Deductions
KATU: Deputies make two arrests in Longview port scuffle
Real Clear Politics: Axelrod: No "Negotiation" On Obama Jobs Plan
Real Clear Politics: Al Gore: Building Solar Facilities Will "Put People To Work"
Forbes: Lawmakers probe how solar company got $528M loan
Real Clear Politics:Dingell On Solyndra: "Still Waiting To See Something That Makes Me Concerned"
Real Clear Politics: Dept. Of Energy: "No Reason" To Believe We Were Misled By Solyndra
Real Clear Politics: Rep. Issa: Operation Fast & Furious Went To The White House
CBS News: 3 more murders linked to Gunwalker - CBS News Investigates

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