Sunday, November 15, 2009


Obama will strike abortion amendment
from the health care bill

Amazing 9-11 video tape we've never seen

Show No. 220-2009

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Opening • Rant: Obama and supporters hate this country • Liberals who are looking the other way • New song parody: 'Islam Oddity' • Upcoming coverage of the NY City terrorist trial • Audio: Obama says it's not an abortion bill • David Axelrod confirms plans to remove abortion language • Audio: Pelosi asked about jail sentence for those who do not buy health insurance • Audio: Charles Krauthammer says Pelosi is leading her party over a cliff • Audio: Ben Nelson is unable to answer a Constitution question • Shouldn't these people pass a simple government test? • Audio: Don't copy Europe's health care mistakes • 'Progressives' defined in the dictionary* • Upcoming in hour two

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • More material now thanks to David on Facebook • Audio: Chuck Norris on Hannity • KFI's Bryan Suits interviews Tami Michaels about her 9-11 video • Reading: First hand account of 9-11 • Audio: Obama says terrorist will get military trial (2006) • In Japan, Obama talks of trial in New York City • Obama sex toy online

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama; 'This is a health care bill, not an abortion bill'
Fox News: Axelrod signals Obama will try to strip abortion language from health care bill
Real Clear Politics: Pelosi on jail time for no health care
YouTube: Krauthammer; 'Pelosi has led her party over a cliff'
CNS News: Sen. Ben Nelson; 'I'm not going to be able to answer that question'
Real Clear Politics: Sen. Nelson won't vote for house version of health care bill
YouTube: Don't copy Europe's mistakes
Huffington Post: 'Progressives' threaten to cut off money to dems who oppose health care Definition of 'progressive'
YouTube: Chuck Norris 'in a nightmare'; interview on Hannity
KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles
My Northwest: 9/11, an eye-witness account
YouTube: Uncovered; Obama says Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will get justice in military trial
YouTube: Obama talks about terrorist's trial in NY City
Robert Lindsay blog: Obama sex toy image (WARNING: Those offended should not click)


badbear said...

No, I don't want to see the toy!

Must I remind all of you that Bill Clinton had a toy also. It was a cigar. I think it's still on the market.

Must be a liberal thing.

D/L'ing the show now. Found it at the last minute before walking out the door for work. It was a busy day indeed on Facebook yesterday. Kinda fun when the guys are all on the page at the same time and we can interact almost in real-time. The chat really sucks bigtime, however.

Jimmy Z said...

Maybe I should set up a Jimmy Z Show message board or chat room... ?

Anonymous said...

well, obama is right, its not about

inn the "political correctness"
term,its about POPLULATION control;

too bad all the mothers of these politicians did not use this "
population control", including: hitler, mao, stalin, ... should stop
here, because there is just no
politician that does not have this
"strong" sexual needs... btw they
do use this "population control"
method, and clinton is smarter,
via oral sex;