Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving: We have a lot to be thankful for
Yes, we can take our country back

Show No. 228-2009

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Opening • Thanksgiving, America & The Jimmy Z Show • What I am thankful for • The enemy within the United States • Reading: The Thanksgiving Proclamation • Audio: Rush Limbaugh, The Real Story of Thanksgiving • Thankful for the Constitution • We CAN take this country back • Economic growth last quarter more anemic than first thought • British defense minister criticizes Obama's dithering over Afghanistan • Climate change op ed piece, follow up from yesterday's coverage

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Thanksgiving Proclamation of the Continental Congress, 1777
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh & The Real Story of Thanksgiving
Bloomberg: US Economy, growth estimate cut as consumers curb spending
Telegraph UK: Bob Ainsworth criticizes Barack Obama over Afghanistan
Telegraph UK: Climategate, the final nail in the coffin of Anthropogeninc Climate Change


Chicago Ray said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too and yours sir and many more...listenin in later :)

Anonymous said...

We thank you for the hard work you do in each & every show that you produce.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Z,
I apologize I have not been able to listen for a couple of days I have been busy and I am playing catch up right now. But I wanted to make a comment on your show where you talked about Sarah Palin not being the best choice for the GOP. I agree with you, and have thought the same thing for the past year almost. After you did your show, I decided it was also time for me to talk about it and how we need a candidate with real solutions, not someone whom only straddles the platform line. I wanna thank you for putting out that show, and I would like for you to listen to mine if ya get a chance. The link is

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving,

Paul Revere (aka Christopher)

Randy said...

Great show ---

I am a few days behind of your shows - but I have the weekend.