Friday, November 13, 2009


What if Bush were President when
Hasan shot up Fort Hood?

Obamba brings 9/11 mastermind to NY City for trial

Show No. 219-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Recording information • Taylor 'Smith' takes 4 awards at the CMAs • Taylor 'Smith' Swift and the state of 'Country Music' • Taylor Smith has had all of her dreams come true • Rant: The sexualizing of Carrie Underwood • Stopping in the left wing chat room the other night • Obama's possible alternatives when first commenting on Fort Hood • Sarah Palin's appearance on Oprah this Monday • Drudge posts a short excerpt from Palin's book • Oprah's interview with the woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee • Bush speaks out about threats to freedom and economic growth • Obamba brings 9/11 mastermind to NY City for trial • Obama will spend more on welfare than Bush did in Iraq • Obama quote from the campaign regarding debt • The Obama's don't give gifts on Christmas and birthdays •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Evan 'Obama is sort of God!' Thomas on Maj. Hasan • Doug Hoffman may have conceded too soon • Audio: Interview with whiny Dede Scozzofava • Audio: Pastor Stephen Broden on 'Life Today' • Audio: The Ragged Old Flag, Johnny Cash • Our National Anthem, The Cactus Cuties • 14 killed at Fort Hood, not 13 • Finally: Feds move to seize mosques and an office tower • Audio: Rick Perry on Obama, socialism • Audio: Glenn Beck argues for a third party

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
YouTube: CMA Award Winner and highlights
Reuters: Palin chats with Oprah about Levi, Couric
Drudge: Going Rogue, Sarah Palin book excerpt
Washington Times: Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth
Times Online UK: New York trial for alleged 9-11 mastermind
CNS News: Obama will spend more on welfare next year than Bush did on entire Iraq War
The Politico: Obama leaves the gifting to Santa
Hot Air: Newsweek's Evan Thomas on Maj. Hasan Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens
Hot Air: Media's new favorite Republican breaks her silence
Facebook: Stephen Broden
Life Today: Media page for November 12, 2009
YouTube: Johnny Cash, The Ragged Old Flag
The Moderate Voice: 14 killed at Fort Hood, not 13 as reported
AP: Feds move to seize 4 mosques, high rise linked to Iran
The Statesman: Rick Perry says Obama taking US toward socialism
YouTube: Glenn Beck argues with caller about a third party

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