Monday, November 9, 2009


US Intelligence knew Maj. Hasan was
a Muslim extremist

Why Pelosi-Care passed

Show No. 216-2009

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The Pledge of Allegiance • 'Battle Hymn of the Republic', US Army Band and Chorus • Opening • Salutations • Fort Hood shooting was a terrorist act • Dick Morris: Fort Hood attack was terrorism • Telegraph UK reports that gunman had advocated beheadings • Lieberman announces investigation • Audio: Lieberman on Fox News Sunday • Audio: Muslims talking about Fort Hood, America's chickens have come home to roost • Audio: Limbaugh on the removal of the 'lone wolf' provision • Gunman tried to contact Al Qaeda • Audio: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters with Bill O'Reilly • Homeland Security Sec. working to prevent anti-Muslim sentiment (!) • Bush visits Fort Hood victims, Obama off to Camp David • Health care bill passes in the House • New York State races that the GOP won • GOP Senators claim health care bill there is DOA • AP reports bill has nowhere to go in the Senate • Democrat says the public option will lead to a single payer system • Call Dan Boren and thank him for voting 'no'

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SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Hasan was harassed • Why Pelosi-Care bill passed • Anti-Abortion amendment won't last • The goal was to take the GOP election victories out of the headlines • AARP • Nancy Pelosi is the most dangerous person in the United States • On giving this battle over to God • Jimmy Carter led us to Ronald Reagan • Socialism in a college classroom • Audio: Abbey Johnson on Mike Huckabee's program • Watching an abortion with a sonogram • Audio: Lieberman on the Senate health care bill • Sarah Palin on Facebook: Pelosi's broken promises • New congressman Bill Owens breaks 4 promises in first hour in office • What Rep. Cao got from Obama to vote 'yes' • Dick Morris: What the bribes were

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
Dick Morris: Ft. Hood attack was terrorism
Telegraph UK: Fort Hood gunman had told US military colleagues that infidels should die
Fox News: Lieberman announces Senate investigation into Fort Hood shooting
YouTube: Senator Lieberman on Fox News Sunday
WND: Muslims say 'America's chickens have come home to roost'
Rush Limbaugh homepage
Main Justice: House panel backs Patriot Act amendment that removes 'lone wolf' provision
NY Daily News: Fort Hood gunman Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda and US intelligence knew
YouTube: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters with Bill O'Reilly
AP: Homeland chief warns against anti-Muslim backlash
Right Pundits: Bush visits Fort Hood, Obama to Camp David
Fox News: George W. Bush secretly visits Fort Hood victims
NY Times: Bounce back in Westchester in Nassau
NY Post: GOP senators claim ObamaCare legislation is DOA
AP: House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate
CNS News: Democrat who voted 'no' says the bill will ultimately lead to single-payer system
YouTube: Abby Johnson with Mike Huckabee
YouTube: Joe Lieberman says he will not allow the current bill to come to a final vote
Facebook: Sarah Palin's piece on Pelosi's health care bill
The Gouverneur Times: Owens breaks 4 campaign pledges in first hour
Michelle Malkin: What GOP Rep. Cao got from Obama
Dick Morris: ObamaCare endorsements, what the bribes were Blue Dog coalition members Final vote results for health care bill
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Blue Dogs (& contact info listed) who voted for health care bill


Jim McMahon said...

Hi Jimmy, great show today. Like everyone else, I’ve been listening as the story about the Fort Hood Massacre unfolds and I’ve noticed one major factor that our news media is conveniently failing to mention here……..what really stopped this attack? Why was Hasan able to shoot 43 people……and why didn’t he shoot more? They are saying it was because of a Police Officer that walked around a corner and just so happened to walk right into this terroris, and that statement would be correct, just incomplete.

What really stopped this attack was a gun. That’s correct, not a Police Officer, a badge or a uniform……….a gun! That’s always what stops this kind of thing. If our military personnel were armed, he never would have been able to get off more than a few rounds before he was cut down in a hail of gunfire.

Not to take anything away from the fine and heroic job this Police Officer did stopping this guy, but I would think that our combat trained soldiers are better suited to handle a situation like this than most local Police Officers would be. I don’t know what the crime rate is in Fort Hood or if they see as much action as a big city Police Department does, but there’s little doubt in my mind that plenty of the soldiers on this base have been under fire a lot more times in combat than most Policemen ever will be. And for the want of a gun, our soldiers were forced to run for cover and wait for the Police to arrive, to avoid getting gunned down. Sorry, that just doesn’t make any sense to me.....none at all!

And being the coward that he is, if all of our military personnel were armed on that base, chances are that Hasan would have never even attempted something like this, and these people would still be alive today. And even if he did have the guts to still go on a shooting spree, it would have ended much sooner and more of our sons and daughters would still be alive, so either way, the outcome was worse than it should have been.

This happened in Texas for Gods sake! Everyone in Texas can carry a gun. We are at war and every American is a target. Why weren’t they armed?

badbear said...

I talked with a veteran co-worker about this Friday. He was stationed at Fort Leavenworth during the Vietnam War. He said that the men on the bases never have access to weapons unless they are training or on a mission. The weapons are otherwise locked up and they cannot retrieve them. This has been policy forever.
You are right Mr. McMahon that a gun stopped the killer, but I would use the argument that a gun in the hands of a law abiding citizen or law enforcement officer stopped the killer. The left is always saying that "the gun" killed someone, with no emphasis on the shooter. Well, we know that the gun didn't do it anymore than spoons made Rosey O'Donnell fat. It is just a tool. I would use the defense that criminals will always have guns because they won't obey gun laws. Our only protection from them would be to have an armed citizenry. Thanks for your website and the work you do for the cause. You are a patriot.

Jim McMahon said...

You'll get no argument out of me about guns belonging in the hands of law abiding citizens. The only problem with that here in Chicago is the fact that it’s a felony for anyone except the police and politicians to own or carry a handgun, thanks to our liberal Mayor Dickie Daley, who incidentally has an entourage of armed policemen protecting his family 24/7. I guess his family is more valuable than ours. So, all of us typically law abiding citizens have no choice other than to become reluctant felons because we believe in the 2nd Amendment and our God given right to self preservation.

badbear said...

I heard that about the reluctant felons. I work at a government facility where no firearms are permitted. I know for a fact that some have guns in their vehicles on gov't property and some have them in the office. We had an incident several years ago where one of our employees committed suicide in our lunch room with a handgun. The guys with the guns are all republicans. The co-workers that despise guns are democrat.