Friday, November 6, 2009


Interview with Bob Larimer: Islam & Jihad
All kinds of things wrong with Pelosi-Care bill

Show No. 215-2009

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Opening • Rant: This is what Muslims do • Reading: Time for internment camps • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Bob Larimer • Islam, tolerance, sensitivity training & Obama • Obama's frightening insensitivity following Ft. Hood shooting • Audio: Obama chats lightheartedly before commenting on Ft. Hood • Karen at Youtube: 'Shame on you Obama' • Rant: Congress has determined that they are more important

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Jihad at Ft. Hood • Audio: Ft. Hood shooter made outlandish comments about US foreign policy • Young woman Muslim father ran over is dead • Jobless rate is 10.2% • Health care bill does not index for inflation • Sen. Burris cites unwritten constitutional 'health' provision • Pelosi breaks her pledge to put health care bill on the internet for 72 hours • Health care bill will pay for abortions • Dick Morris: Deathblow for ObamaCare • Democrats block US census citizenship question • HR 3962 grants power to ration health care • In the UK, 'climate change' belief given same status as religion • The one place not destroyed in the film '2012' • Hope and Change cartoons • Playboy Mansion would-be security guards scammed

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AP: Ft. Hood suspect reportedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar'
Facebook: I make no apologies for the following
NBC Chicago: Obama's frightening insensitivity following shooting
YouTube: Barack Obama gives odd 'shout out' before massacre comments
YouTube: Obama Ft. Hood Tragedy - shame on you Obama
Front Page Magazine: Jihad at Ft. Hood
Breitbart: Ft. Hood suspect made 'outlandish' comments over US foreign policy
Atlas Shrugs: Noor Almaleki is dead
Daily Finance: Jobless rate at 10.2%
WSJ: Health care bill doesn't index for inflation
CNS News: Sen. Burris cites unwritten constitutional 'health' provision
Weekly Standard: Pelosi breaks pledge to put bill on the internet
Republican House Leader: Speaker Pelosi's Health Care plan will pay for abortions
Dick Morris: A Deathblow to ObamaCare
AP: Senate democrats block census US citizenship question
One News Now: HR 3962 grants the power to ration health care
Telegraph UK: 'Climate change' belief given same legal status as religion
Yahoo Movies: The one place on earth not destroyed in '2012'
Hope & Change Cartoons: ObamaCare survey
KFI 640: Playboy Mansion would-be security guards scammed

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