Monday, November 23, 2009


Health care bill hammers married couples with
new taxes

11 year old's tea party speech

Show No. 226-2009

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Opening • Opinion & Rebuttal: Kennedy & SonlitKnight • Kennedy's 'Anti-Palin' analysis • SonlitKnight's 'Pro-Palin' rebuttal • Discussion: Jimmy Z & SonlitKnight • How Sarah Palin has been misrepresented • Sarah Palin's Newsweek cover photo • On Sarah Palin quitting • Palin's book is the most important conservative book in years • Can Sarah Palin bring the moderate voters to the right? • Sarah Palin debating Barack Obama • Did Reagan have it easier than Palin or George W. Bush? • Four great conservatives who stood tall against personal attacks of the left • Running backwards to get along with the other team • Rudy and Newt

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Amazing Saturday Night Live sketch • The Jimmy Z Show on internet radio sites • New Gallup poll • Audio: Palin answers US Web Talk Radio question • McConnell says health care bill is a job killer • Health care bill creates a new marriage penalty • Heritage Foundation: Five flaws of Reid's health bill • Landrieu's vote bought for $300 million • Fox News on health care bill moving forward • 11 year old girl delivers tea party speech last July • Chris Matthews says Obama is too intellectual • Liberals continue to target Sarah Palin for fund raising • The Fed to be investigated despite Barney Frank's opposition • No Afghan war decision before Thanksgiving •

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More on Obama and Afghanistan • Health care reform approval at lowest yet: 38% • Clippers broadcasters suspended for mispronouncing 'Iran' • Reading: California's Suicide • Students protesting increased tuition in California • Public shifting blame from Republicans to democrats for recession • Great ElvisNixon columns • Rudy Giuliani to seek Senate seat • American Thinker: A failed presidency is now unavoidable • Watch dog group demands probe of Michele Bachmann • Krauthammer rips Obama's decision to bring KSM to NYC • Reading: No American president has EVER bowed to any other world leader • Republicans chart the Obama Misery Index • Shocking: Real unemployment may top 22%

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
NBC: Saturday Night Live - Obama Press Conference in China
Gallup: Obama Job Approval
YouTube: What advise would you give 2010 congressional candidates?
UPI: McConnell; Health care bill a job killer
Washington Times: Senate health care bill creates new marriage penalty
The Heritage Foundation: The five flaws of the Reid health bill
Roll Call: Landrieu to vote to begin debate
Fox News: Health care bill moves forward
YouTube: America's freedom; 11 year old's tea party speech
Newsbusters: MSNBC's Matthews; Obama's weakness is he's too intellectual
ABC: Organizing for America targets Palin
OpEd News: The Washington establishment suffers a serious defeat
Washington Post: No Afghan decision before Thanksgiving
Rasmussen: Health care reform - Rasmussen Reports
LA Times: Clippers broadcasters suspended for comments on the air
IBD: California's suicide
CBS 47: University of California fee increases
CNN: Public shifting blame for recession
ElvisNixon: Why Obama can't get no satisfaction
ElvisNixon: Veteran's Day dereliction of duty
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani will likely seek US Senate seat
American Thinker: A failed presidency is now unavoidable
Raw Story: Watchdog group demands probe of Rep. Bachmann
YouTube: Krauthammer rips Obama for trying KSM in NYC
Newsmax: No American president ever bowed to a foreign leader - until now
Ways & Means: Republicans charting Obama Misery Index
WND: Shocking numbers; real unemployment may top 22%

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