Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Analysis: What happened in NY-23?
Health care bill pressure mounting

Show No. 213-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • SonlitKnight & Jimmy ZRoundup: What the election last night tells us • Dede Scozzofava & NY-23 • Virginia & New Jersey • Maine rejects homosexual marriage • ABC News spins election losses away from Obama • Woman in Iowa 'thought there would be immediate change' • Sleazy Jersey democrats began campaigning for Daggett • Liberal web site writes about Jimmy Z: 'Jimmy Z's Law' • Should homosexual couples adopt children?

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
114 children have died from Swine flu since April • Democrat aids say health care won't pass this year • Audio: Michele Bachmann on Hannity last week • Audio: Michele Bachmann about this week in DC • Olbermann to Beck: 'Go to hell' • List of stimulus projects you are paying for • Bulgaria ripped by 'Russian Road Roulette' • Audio: Short comment from Rush Limbaugh on NY-23

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AP: Republican takes Virginia by 18%
WCBS-TV: Republican takes New Jersey by 5%
Breitbart: Dem wins New York House Race
AP: Maine voters reject homosexual marriage law
ABC News: Vast economic discontent spells trouble for dems in 2010
NY Times: In Iowa, euphoria gives way to second thoughts on Obama Fearful Jersey democrats start campaigning for Daggett
Left Take: Jimmy Z's law
CNS News: Since April, 114 children have died from H1N1, but 700,000 died from abortions
ABC News: Health care bill unlikely to pass this year
YouTube: Michele Bachmann on Hannity
YouTube: Michele Bachmann talks about this week in DC
Breitbart: Olbermann to Beck, 'Go to hell'
Washington Examiner: Questionable stimulus projects pile up
Press TV: Bulgaria gripped by 'Russian Road Roulette'
Catholic Culture: Commentary on the Obama White House


badbear said...

Those heathens over at Leftake aren't worth wasting your breath on. You'd be better off utilizing the time to pluck nose hairs or count turds... maybe achiving belly button lint. Some worthwhile causes.

Don't cast your pearls before swine.

Jimmy Z said...

Boy Bad... it's hard to argue your impeccable logic. But, you know how it's a waste of time to do a lot of things that give us enjoyment, I do enjoy it. I hate to admit it, but I like throttling liberals.

Most important though is that if the discussion of this kind of 'hobby' annoys listeners, I will definitely have to keep it to myself!

badbear said...

By all means, keep it up, son. That is, if it gives you that much enjoyment. After all, it is the only value that comes from these reprobates in the way of entertainment. ...and you can do it with half of your brain tied... wait a minute, that's Rush.

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