Wednesday, November 11, 2009


More analysis & coverage of the Fort Hood shooting
Bill Clinton pushes health care bill in Senate
Mark Levin on separation of church & state

Show No. 218-2009

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Military Tribute, Gene Simmons of KISS • Anita Dunn leaves the White House • Glenn Beck on Anita Dunn • LA Times spins away from her Chairman Mao comments • Obama at the Fort Hood memorial • Audio: Ralph Peters on O'Reilly • Rant: Imans who preach violence need to be thrown out of the country • Audio: Cheering seems out of place at the Fort Hood memorial • The president must approve the death penalty • Chicago's Mayor Daley says Fort Hood shooting is due to America's love of guns • Army may not have been told of emails to Al Qaeda • Major Hasan's Powerpoint presentation • Investigators found emails to Al Qaeda • The Army had enough information to discharge Hasan • Human Events article about the state of Islam in our country • 'Radical' Muslim praises Hasan, calls him a hero • Rant: Time to oust the Muslims from our military • Hasan advised Obama transition into the White House • US Army OKs Sikh doctor to wear beard & turban

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Audio: Carrie Prejean 'sex tape' exists, interview on Hannity • Rant: The real evil here is what the ex-boyfriend did • On the art of still 'screen captures' of video • South Carolina license plates with a cross found unConstitutional • Audio: Mark Levin on the supposed separation of church and state • Bill Clinton lunches with democrats, pushes health care bill • SonlitKnight was right: Abortion amendment in the Pelosi bill will be scrapped • Audio: President Obama on health care bill's penalties • Listener comments • Facebook discussion on politics, saving the country, and God • Rant: The democrats have been taken over by the left of the left • Reading: Obama's absence at the Berlin Wall anniversary • Rant: Voting for Obama was voting for new slavery • Stunning piece at The American Thinker • Traditional marriage when voted on: 31 to 0

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Gene Simmons Military Tribute
LA Times: White House communications chief Anita Dunn resigns
YouTube: Glenn Beck, exclusive video of Obama staffer Anita Dunn
YouTube: Ralph Peters offended by Obama Fort Hood speech
Obama's speech at Fort Hood Memorial
Time: The military death penalty - the President must approve
Big Government: Chicago Mayor Daley blames Fort Hood shooting on America's love of guns
WSJ: Army wasn't told of alleged shooter Hasan's emails
Jihad Watch: Nidal Hasan explains the Koran and Islam
Washington Post: Hasan's Powerpoint presentation
Fox News: Investigators found emails from Hasan to Al Qaeda
Fox News: Fort Hood suspect warned of Muslim threat within the military
Human Events: Tragedy at Fort Hood
AP: Radical iman praises alleged Fort Hood shooter
WND: Shooter advised Obama transition Army OKs Sikh doctor to wear beard, turban
YouTube: Sean Hannity interviews former Miss California Carrie Prejean
TMZ: Prejean's 'sex tape' was 'biggest mistake of my life'
The Jimmy Z Show: Comparison of screen captures of Carrie Prejean on Hannity
The Jimmy Z Weekend Show™ : Jimmy Z screen capture of Bertha Lewis
AP: Federal judge opposes SC license plate with cross
The Mark Levin Show website
The Politico: Inside Clinton's lunch with democrats
The Hill: Senior democrat is 'confident' that Stupak amendment will be stripped
Catholic Online: Congressman Bart Stupak, democrat, defending the right to life
ABC News: Interview with the President
Facebook: Ryte Wynger's links
The Political Commentator blog site
American Thinker: The President of resentment
One News Now: Traditional marriage now 31-0


badbear said...

I want to go out and find every Christian oriented bumper sticker I can get my hands on and wallpaper my truck with them.

badbear said...

Oh yeah, I'm going to get some responses to the comments I just left over at
They ain't going to be none too happy with me. That is, the sodomites and reprobates over there. Did I call them that? You bet your sweet bippy. I did use a little restraint... I had some better names to call them. I'll save them for their next abominable act.
I did tell them that I would pray for their salvation however. That will surely make them the most angry.
My disgust with the state of things has brought me to the place where I have decided that this is war and we take no prisoners. The page with "Political Correctness" has been torn out of my dictionary.

Jim McMahon said...

On the topic of needing religion to save America, badbear should wallpaper his truck with this bumper sticker:

"Pray for Obama - Psalm 109:8"

If you're not familiar with this Passage, go to:

badbear said...

Good one Mr. McMahon!

I would add...
to Mr. Obama, I would say, "don't let the door hit you on the way out."