Sunday, September 20, 2009


ACORN updates, headlines: Independent
Prosecutor called for

California to pull the plug on big TVs

Show No. 184-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Brand new song parody, 'Its a Fine Time To Leave Us Barack' • Stale new, stale milk • Ripping into another Youtube liberal • Liberals hate Michele Bachmann now • Audio: Michele Bachmann on Obama's gangster government • Audio: Bertha Lewis defends ACORN, attacks the filmmakers • ACORN headlines at Big Government • Chicago Tribune op-ed calls for Independent Prosecutor •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
ACORN threatens to sue Fox News • Millions could die from swine flu & anarchy could reign IF rich countries don't ante up $1.6 trillion • Obama first US President to chair UN nuke summit • Audio: John Boehner on ACORNNFL supports the GOP • School bus assailants charged • Farming in California • Ranting about 'global warming' • California may pull the plug on big TVs • Time to build more power plants • Electricity demand up for power hungry gadgets • Audio: Cindy Sheehan says Obama is doing what Bush did • Audio: Michell Obama on health care • 75% of students in Oklahoma can't name our first US President

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Youtube: Michele Bachmann, We now have a total gangster government
Media Bistro: Bertha Lewis will do only one Fox appearance
Big Government website homepage
Big Government: Bertha Lewis spins, filmmakers thrown out of dozens of offices
Chicago Tribune: Independent Prosecutor for ACORN
The Politico: ACORN threatens to open Pandora's box with lawsuit
Guardian UK: Swine flu could kill millions Obama to chair landmark UN nuke summit
Youtube: John Boehner, stop all federal funding of ACORN
The Politico: NFL kicks in big for GOP
STLToday: Students in Belleview school bus attack charged
LA Times: California may pull plug on big TVs that guzzle energy
NY Times: A plugged in world with a hunger for electricity
Youtube: Cindy Sheehan, Obama is doing the same thing as Bush was doing
Youtube: First Lady Michelle Obama on health care
News9: 75% of Oklahoma students can't name the first US President

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