Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The left: It's all about racism
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Show No. 181-2009

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Opening • Rare audio: Barack Obama stand up routine! • Democrats in congress vote to chastise Joe Wilson • Jimmy Carter plays the race card • Rant: Accusations of racism by the left • Montage of media people carrying on about race • Who's a racist? Jeremiah Wright is • Outrageous: Video: black kids beating a white kid with other black kids cheering on school bus • Email responses to school bus beating • Rush Limbaugh on Obama's (Racist) America • Rant: This is not about skin color, this is about the content of a man's character! • The latest on the Big Government website • Charlie Gibson didn't know anything about the ACORN scandal!

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
TMZ: Audio, Obama calls Kanye West a jack ass
AP: 'You lie' outburst draws house rebuke
Wikipedia: Gerry Studds
Real Clear Politics: Jimmy Carter claims there is a racist tone against Obama
STLtoday: Dispute over seat sparked attack on school bus
Fox2Now: Raw video: Bus beating caught on tape
Rush Limbaugh: Race rules all in Obama's America
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Freedomlover said...

Hey Jimmy listened to tonights show and it was excellent. The story about the schoolbus beating got me so steamed I too did a post on it. It doesn't matter whether the victim is black or white. This is totally unacceptable conduct in a civilized society. I fear we may be headed toward civil war. I dont say this lightly. This nation has not been this polarized since the 1860's and if the present trend continues we are going to see real violence. I hope with all my heart I'm wrong.
Your friend the Freedomlover

Jimmy Z said...

Yes, you know, you are exactly right. Once we set aside the issue of whether or not this vicious pummeling was or was not racially motivated, the issue REALLY is what a horrible beating it is. The culprits MUST go to jail. Those who cheered must feel the pain of real retribution. The family of the culprits should be sued. This is totally and completely unacceptable. This isn't school teasing, it's a horrible beating. Regardless of color and whether or not inspired by racial differences, can anyone suggest that this was NOT a hate crime?

Jim McMahon said...

The "Obama Stand Up Comedy Routine" was brilliant, and an absolute classic.

It was totally believable and all you had to do was put in the canned laughter. I hope to see more like that in future shows.

Keep em coming Brother!

Jimmy Z said...

Thanks, I love that clip too!