Monday, September 14, 2009


BREAKING: * The Senate has voted to deny ACORN housing funds in the current HUD bill as per Sen. Johanns' measure. Details tomorrow. ACORN remains arrogant, defiant. WE ARE WINNING.

ACORN helps the pimp and prostitute in a third city
Rant: Can the Federal Govt ever cut cost & increase efficiency?

Show No. 179-2009

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Opening • Obama & health care get a bounce after his speech • Americans are easily duped • We need a charismatic Conservative • Audio: John Fund on Fox News • James O'Keefe & Hannah Giles on Fox News • New video skewers ACORN again in New York • Senator Johanns' amendment to cut off funds to ACORN * • Rant: ACORN is racist • Via Email: Why the GOP lacks a conservative leader • Republicans, RINOs & a third party • Former McCain adviser calls some conservatives 'nutballs' • Guess what? Jimmy Z says we have to watch our nutballs • Joe Wilson won't apologize again • Maureen Dowd says Wilson is a racist • Robert Gibbs and his nice big non-sequitor

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Opening • Featured Conservative Websites • Freedom is Knowledge • Today's Politics by Freedom Lover • Audio: Interview with Joe Wilson on Fox News • Chris Wallace keeps asking about another apology • Audio: Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera & Ann Coulter • Rant: This is not about his *@&*$?! color! • Ann Coulter says to Joe Wilson, Geraldo is not your friend • Obama warns against 'scare tactics' • Audio: Obama uses scare tactics in his speech • Audio: Other outrageous Obama claims during that speech • Rant: Question for Obama, When has the federal government cut costs & reduced inefficiency? • Rant: The 'rancor has eased' because the politicians are back in DC • If they vote for Obamacare, they're out • Reminder: We gotta get this country pointed back toward God • Serena Williams goes off at the US Open

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rasmussen Reports: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Big Government: John Fund to ACORN, Bring on the lawsuit
Nearly Nobody News: Filmmaker James O'Keefe on ACORN lawsuit, 'Bring it on'
Big Government: ACORN Video, Prostitution scandal in New York, NY
The Jimmy Z Show: Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich
Washington Post: GOP now embraces (sort of) protesters
Prime Buzz: Rep. Joe Wilson won't apologize again
Nearly Nobody News: Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviews Joe Wilson
Nearly Nobody News: Coulter tells Joe Wilson, 'Geraldo is not your friend'
Reuters: Obama warns against scare tactics over health care
AOL: Text of Obama's speech
AP: Obama says he's expecting 'good health care plan'
Daily Mail: Furious Serena Williams dumped out of US Open
Obama Health Care Speech part 1
Bill Keller: The Tea Parties are a great idea, but...

Featured Conservative Websites
Freedom Is Knowledge
Today's Politics by Freedom Lover

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