Thursday, September 3, 2009


Latest shocking news about Britain's
National Health Service

Obama site calls conservatives 'heirs of Bin Laden'

White House is tracking internet dissent!
Show No. 170-2009

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Teaser • Opening • Special clip available at Facebook • Jokedid time • LA Rally on 9-12 • Email from listeners • How to search out notes and topics on The Jimmy Z Show show page • Shocking stories out of Britain • The NHS is what Obama wants to bring to the USA • Liberal bites off Obamacare protester's finger • Obama backs off of 'how to help the President' • page calls conservatives 'heirs of Bin Laden'

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Congressman Broun warns of dictatorship • Audio: John McCain defends Obama • Obama White House efforts to track people on the internet • Obesity report recommends policy • Audio: Chris Matthews proclaims criticizing 26 aids for Michelle Obama 'racist' • 1939 billboard demands lower taxes • Civil War photography website • Connecticut lawmakers playing solitaire (infamous photo) • Sensing a trend in the polls • Union and democrats push for new Wall Street tax • Obama shifting strategy • Audio: Dick Cheney says Obama ought not change policies that protect America • Students take-home project - Census 2010 kits

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
Telegraph: Sentenced to death on the NHS
KTLA5: Man's finger bitten off in scuffle at health care rally
Fox News: White House withdraws call for students to 'help' Obama Push for 9-11 calls to Senators to fight conservative 'terrorists' (cached)
National Review: Are you ready for Patriot Day?
The Jimmy Z Show: Google search for MyObama web page
The Jimmy Z Show: Screen capture of MyObama web page
Online Athens: Broun warns of dictatorship
Youtube: McCain counters Obama 'Arab' question
WND: On Facebook & MySpace, Obama's got your email
CNS News: Childhood obesity report calls for government regulations
Youtube: Chris Matthews proclaims criticizing 26 aids for Michelle Obama 'racist' Photo from 1939
Mike Lynaugh: Civil War photographs
Info Wars: Connecticut law makers at work: The infamous solitaire photo
Real Clear Politics: I'm sensing a trend
The Hill: AFL-CIO, democrats push new Wall Street tax
The Politico: Under fire, Obama shifts strategy
Real Clear Politics: Cheney says Obama should not undo policies that protect America
USA Today: Students take-home assignment - Census kits

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