Tuesday, September 8, 2009


UN wants new global currency to replace the dollar
Obama knew the Lockerbie bomber would be released

Show No. 174-2009

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Opening • Top Jimmy • Overview, The Van Jones resignation • UN report advocates end of US dollar • Senate must now raise the debt ceiling again • The President's speech to school kids • Rant: Bloggers who mimmick or parrot others • Michelle Malkin rips the school speech • The Resignation of Van Jones, in depth • Audio: Van Jones calls Republicans A-holes • Audio: News report on Van Jones • Audio: Sunday morning Fox News report

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Van Jones in depth, continue • The real scandal, why Glenn Beck is right • Michelle Malkin's column • Audio: Major Garrett comments on White House employment questionnaire • More czars need to go • List of czars at the White House • 'I'm Against It', Groucho Marx • Red Chinese flag to fly at the White House • Keith Olbermann already talking about 'abandoning' Obama in 2012 • Audio: Jack Webb schools Barack Obama • Lockerbie bomber release involved oil & Obama knew it was going to happen • Audio: James David Manning to white and black folks • Chavez minister to close many more radio stations

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Daily Telegraph: UN wants new global currency to replace dollar
The Hill: Senate must raise debt ceiling above $12 trillion
WhiteHouse.gov: Media resources Prepared School Remarks
Hot Air: Michelle Malkin rips Obama over school speech
Newsmax: Obama 'Green Jobs' adviser Van Jones quits
Newsmax: Obama adviser calls Republicans A-holes
WND: 'Green Jobs czar' Van Jones resigns
Youtube: Van Jones, the power of real news
Breitbart: Obama 'green jobs' adviser quits amid controversy
American Spectator: The real Van Jones scandal, why Glenn Beck is right
Michelle Malkin: The resignation of Van Jones
Youtube: Major Garrett on Van Jones & White House questionnaire
The Politico: More czars on conservative hit list
The Jimmy Z Show: John Holdren, Science czar background
The Jimmy Z Show: Mark Lloyd, chief diversity czar
Right Side News: Un-American and unlawful White House projects
WND: White House to fly Red Chinese Flag
Huffington Post: Obama could face primary challenge in 2012
Youtube: Jack Webb schools Barack Obama on Healthcare
NY Times: Bomber release involved oil, Brit Minister says
Daily Mail: No. 10 turns on Obama and Hillary Clinton
Youtube: James David Manning with a great message
UK Reuters: Chavez minister vows more Venezuela radio closings

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