Monday, September 21, 2009


The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Blogger Jim McMahon
John Boehner: Health care bill is dead

Show No. 185-2009

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Opening • Rewind: Republicans were concerned about stimulus money going to ACORN • Audio: Obama says he is not paying attention to the ACORN story • Audio: Bertha Lewis & Darryl Issa on Fox News Sunday • Bertha Lewis refuses to look at Darryl Issa • Comments on YouTube • Audio: Fox News on Sunday • Rant: Government should not fund partisan political groups • The opposing view: A liberal attempts to defend ACORN • More comments • Nancy Pelosi said she had no idea the Senate voted to defund ACORN • Jay Leno & the late night talk hosts • Jay Leno's ACORN commercial parody • Hannah Giles' father's column clarifying issues • 'The stunning, total defeat of ACORN

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Jim McMahon • First Lady's staff of 22 (at least) • Obama argues that taxes are not taxes • John Boehner says the health care plan is dead • Audio: John Boehner on Meet the Press • Comments on YouTube • Obama health care is like stand up comedy • Rasmussen: 56% of the voters disapprove of the health care plan • Audio: Obama talking about the Constitution • Home invaders use Obama and health care as a ruse • Audio: Dick Morris on Bill O'Reilly

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News: Republicans object to stimulus dollars for ACORN (Jan 2009)
YouTube: Obama reacts to ACORN video on ABC This Week
Big Government: Chris Wallace Interview with ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis
YouTube: Bertha Lewis on Fox News Sunday
YouTube: Obama is asked two hard questions today, ACORN and health care mandate
Guardian UK: ACORN, the new Republican Bogeyman
NY Post: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had no idea Senate voted to prohibit ACORN funding
Breitbart: Thank you ACORN, Jay Leno parody commercial Doug Giles, It wasn't my idea for Hannah Giles to dress like a hooker
Washington Examiner: The stunning, total defeat of ACORN
Jim McMahon - Chicago
YouTube: George Stephanopolis incredulous with Barack Obama
CNS News: Boehner says Democratic health care bill is dead
YouTube: Boehner on Meet the Press
Rasmussen: Health care reform survey
YouTube: Barack Obama Constitution quote in context
Newsday: Home invaders' ruse involved Obama & health care
YouTube: Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris on ACORN & Obama

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