Monday, September 28, 2009


Islam invading California public schools
Get your kids out of public school

Show No. 191-2009

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Opening • Email from listeners • Google word searches • Monica on the good old days • David's comments • Top Three Stories at Conservative Blogs Central • Schoolhouse Shariah • California public schools corrupted by Islam • Rant: Islam, public schools, and what do we do now • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Knight comments on the state of schools and the times we live in

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WND: Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists' Schoolhouse Shariah

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AJ4QM said...

Great show Jimmy Z! If they (Americans in general) don't think Sha'ria Law won't come to this country, have them take a look at Great Britain. They didn't believe it would happen there either and now they are being overrun. We ARE a CHRISTIAN nation despite what our so called POTUS will say. I am DISGUSTED by the notion that our country is being taken over by muslim radicals. And SonLitKnight is DEAD on in his comments.

badbear said...

Yes, the Knight was firing on all eight cylinders!

JimZ, great show, I could sense the despair in your voice. The indoctrination has been going on for awhile but has stepped up a notch since this muslim usurper arrived on the scene.
I will put in a plug for home-schooling. We home-schooled our son from 6th grade on. I always hear the argument that these kids don't do a well academically and since they aren't around other children, they don't know how to interact with them. He graduated from college this year at the top of his class with a 4.0 grade average and was honored for community service as a member of Phi Theta Kappa.
On the other hand, our daughter went to a Nazarene University and was indoctrinated there. We thought that since it was a "religious" school that this wouldn't happen.
I'm pleased with both of my children. They turned out swell despite having a nutty dad.