Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Jimmy Z Thursday Show presents
The Obama Worship & Praise Songs Special
Show No. 188-2009

Click HERE to download (one hour)

Opening • Obama Worship & Praise Song Special Edition • Obama songs montage • Song: Kids Sing For Change (2008) • Lyrics by Kathy Sawada • Whoopie Goldberg: 'I can put my suitcase down finally' • Song: Put My Suitcase Down • Song: The Obama Song (Proud American) • Song: We're the Kids for Obama (Parody of Kids of America) • Song: Yes We Can, Yes We Did • Jimmy Z singing 'Obama Is The Light Of The World' • Michelle Malkin's coverage of the new video • Links to related stories available in the Malkin piece • Lyrics to latest Obama praise song • Song: Mmm-mmm-mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Kids Sing For Change
YouTube: Put My Suitcase Down
YouTube: The Obama Song (Proud American)
YouTube: We're the Kids For Obama
YouTube: Yes We Can, Yes We Did
YouTube: Me singing Yes We Can by Wil.I.Am
Michelle Malkin: New details about the Dear Leader song video
YouTube: School kids taught to praise Obama (lyrics provided)
YouTube: School kids taught to praise Obama (clear recording)
B. Bernice Young Elementary School website

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Nearly Nobody said...

Hey JZ
I beat Drudge on that video by three months. It is still up on nnn under youth indoctrination in the middle of the blog. I was wondering when it would piss someone else off