Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Coverage: Islam on Capitol Hill this Friday
Interview: Brian of

Show No. 187-2009

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Opening • Susan Estrich writes that John Edwards cannot be forgiven like Ted Kennedy • Fox News discusses Massachusetts law that allows forced vaccinations • South Carolina mayor forbids cops chasing suspects on foot • Audio: Mayor defends her new rule • Islam on Capitol Hill • Reading, Bill Keller: Islam desires to turn the USA into a Muslim nation •

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Religion, faith & The Jimmy Z Show • Bill Keller's piece continued • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Brian at • The culture of America • The 9-12 March on DC • Hypocrisy of the left • Indoctrination in public schools • How to have your blog on The Jimmy Z Show • Audio: Sound bites that'll make you puke • Rush hanging with William Shatner and Jon Voight • Conservative actors list

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rasmussen: Susan Estrich, Dear John What do John Edward and John Edwards have in common?
YouTube: Fox News discussion of the Massachusetts law allowing forced vaccinations
NewsBlaze: Mayor forbids cops from chasing suspects on foot
The American Muslim: Prayers in Washington DC Sept. 25
Islam On Capitol Hill official website
LivePrayer: Islam desires to turn the USA into an Islamic nation
Rush Limbaugh: Sound bites that'll make you puke
Mighty Righty: List of conservative stars

NEW opinion piece at The Jimmy Z Show Blog: "Democrats = Hypocrisy"


Jim McMahon said...

I always liked Tony Danza. He seemed like a regular Joe and he could have been any one of the neighborhood knuckleheads that I grew up with in Chicago.

But you got some bum info on Danza being a conservative, he is anything but conservative.

Before the election, he was a guest on some TV talk show (I wish I could remember which one)and was beating the drum so loud for Obama, I thought I'd lose my lunch. You'd think he was talking about the 2nd coming of Christ.

I knew at that moment that he was a man without honor, who would trade his pride an dignity for the possibility of getting an acting job from the Hollywood libs.

If you've ever witnessed an episode of his failed talk show, you know that he has minimal talent and probably thinks this kind of sickening stuff will help him.

Oh well, desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose.

Jimmy Z said...

Thanks for that... in the course of reading that, I knew that the list would have to have some errors. All such lists do.