Thursday, September 17, 2009


SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z discuss ACORN
Democrats speak out against new health care bill

Show No. 182-2009

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Opening • Big Government's website features three new appearances by Bertha Lewis • Audio: Ed Schultz on MSNBC goes nuts • Ed interviews Bertha Lewis • How can you fire employees over 'doctored' videos? • Audio: CNN interview with Bertha Lewis • Master 100 angry with 'Obamba' • Master 100 very upset with 'Taylor Smith' • Racist school bus pummeling available on NMA-TV while Youtube is removing it • Obama scraps Czech, Poland missile shield • Audio: Michelle Bachmann owns Geraldo • Patriots' new target: The leftwing media • Rant: On organizing protests online while remaining nameless • Comment on show page, the violence on the school bus

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
My response to the listeners' comment • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • 'I love watching an acorn fall' • Two young adults took down ACORN • If this had come out before the election Obama would have lost • Democrat panic • Big news all over the internet now • Hannah and James will likely be attacked by the left • ACORN was the centerpiece of Obama's experience • Racism & racists • African Americans racism • Black conservatives who might make great presidents • White House is collecting data on people using their websites • Harry Reid says the health care bill won't work for Nevada • Democrat warns of big tax on middle class • 12% of Americans say that opposition to Obamacare is racist • Maxine Waters plays the race card • White House calls ACORN behavior unacceptable • Jon Stewart on the Daily Show skewers ACORN

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

Big Government: Bertha Lewis media blitz, ACORN chief organizer
The Nation: KBR got bonuses for work that killed soldiers
Youtube: F--- Taylor shift F---Obama F--- MTV F--- u hater (Language warning)
NMA-TV: Dispute over seat sparked attack on school bus
AP: Obama phones Czech PM on missile defense decision
Nearly Nobody News: Bachmann wears Geraldo like a snowshow on health care reform
WND: Patriots' newest target, Obama 'minion media'
Washington Times: WH collects web users' data without notice
Las Vegas Sun: Harry Reid, health care billl won't work for Nevada
ABC News: Dem Senator warns of 'big, big tax' on middle class in Baucas Bill
Rasmussen: 12% say opponents of Obama health care plan are racist
Real Clear Politics: Maxine Waters, Press should probe conservatives for racist views
ABC News: White House calls ACORN employees' behavior unacceptable
Big Hollywood: The Audacity of Hos, Daily Show skewers ACORN

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