Monday, November 30, 2009


Anarchists are recruiting conservatives
Obama seeks to cover for all the dithering in a
big televised speech

Saturday Night Live sketch was funny - but not funny

Show No. 231-2009

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Opening • Tiger Woods & his domestic dispute • Cheating caused this mess • Jimmy Z to debut this week on two new internet radio websites • Conservatives joining the 'don't pay your taxes' anarchist crowd • Why we pay taxes • Coward Erich runs from questions and bans Jimmy Z • Tariffs & Corporate taxes • Liberals believe corporations are evil • Adam Lambert puts homosexuality ahead of song and talent • Responding to a homosexual re: Adam • Barack Obama's upcoming West Point address on Afghanistan • Black approval for Obama at 97% • Obama's color more important to black America than Obama's agenda •

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Opening • Hum in the background • Blogs waiting for acknowledgment on The Jimmy Z Show • Email from listeners • Would Sarah Palin's attention to family conflict with her job? • Jimmy Z responds to attack comment over on the show blog • Dawn's comment on God & Country • Black men 16-26 years of age have 34.6% unemployment • Jim says the SNL sketch is funny, but not • Donald is upset with Glenn Beck but won't say why • Thank you to those who send links to stories • Reading: Bobby Eberle on the GOP litmus test • Huckabee granted clemency to suspect in the shooting of four police officers; bubbye Huck

Show Notes • Links
GOP USA: Bobby Eberle; The GOP litmus test
Michelle Malkin: Violent felon granted clemency by Huckabee sought

1 comment:

Debra J.M. Smith said...

re: Sarah Palin - Should she, as a woman and mother, be president?

Though, I agree that the average woman would not be able to be, both a mother of young children and the president of the U.S., I feel that Sarah is the exception.

Governing came very natural to Sarah, and she did a very good job there. She even knew when, for the better of the state, to step down. (There are people who certain things, simply put, come naturally to.) Sarah also is walking in the Lord. And she does have family help with the children. When she was here for a book signing, her father was here, along with her two youngest children. Along with other attributes to Sarah, I believe that she has all it takes.

Let's remember, many presidents have had family help with children. Even Obama, has his mother-in-law, living with him. (And he is a 'pretenda' president. hehe)

Yes, Sarah's first responsibility is to her family, as should such be the case of every man who has ever held office, legally or illegally :)

If a man cannot govern over his own household, well, he is not even supposed to be a leader in a church. Surely, being president is more work. Yes?

Do people not hold men to the same standards as women, in thinking that they do not care about their family members, as much as mothers do?

I say, "Bring on Sarah!" I want her as president.

Debra J.M. Smith

PS... Hillary on the other hand, needed an entire village to raise one child, who appeared to be a pretty easy one to raise.