Friday, October 7, 2011


Liberals deny that the 'Occupy' mob is on their side
Documenting Obama's record: A failure in every way

Herman Cain tells the 'Occupy' mob, 'blame yourselves'
Show No. 183-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Comment Line is open 24/7, anytime • 'Occupy' Mobsters overview • The Tea Party seeks to protect the Constitution • Universal debt forgiveness • The goal is the end of capitalism • Most of the protesters are in it for the party • Why would we help these idiots get the word out? • Let's promote the opposition to 'Occupy Wherever' • Audio: Ann Coulter ties Obama to Wall Street AND the protesters on MSNBC • Liberal says it's not about politics but it's about politics • Don't show a picture of the violence because the protesters are not violent • Rant: These protests could be a precusor to real protests when the Republican becomes president • Liberal response: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! • Audio: Dennis Kucinich supports the 'Occupy' mob • Rant: The Tea Party is never going to converge with the Occupy mob • Audio: Ann Coulter on Fox News • Comparisons to the French revolution and the Russian revolution • Michael Moore blames Flint, Michigan on banks - but it was unions • Break • The Unknown Pundit: Part Two regarding the Occupy Wall Street mob • Audio: DadLand on YouTube talks about the Occupy mob movement • Lies about tax payers • Obama was threatened 'into submission' • The class war has already started •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Clarification of my overall view of the 'Occupy' mob • Audio: More DadLand: Wall Street tells politicians to screw the poor • Blames foreclosures on Wall Street • Blames the jobless economy on Wall Street • Lies about millionaires paying taxes again • Unemployment nonsense explained again • Audio: DadLand on Atheism: Attacking Christianity (of course) • Audio: Michael Moore goes berserk on Olbermann's show • LA City Councilman proposes resolution to support the 'Occupy' protesters • The City Council would never have considered supporting the Tea Party • Obama failures: Chart comparing the economy on Inauguration Day, and today • Latest national debt • Unemployment and poverty increasing dramatically • Music: 'Obama Sucks', Jimmy Z • Break • My 2012 Prediction • Audio: Herman Cain talks about the protesters • Audio: Dick Morris TV: Republicans gaining more ground on Democrats • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Rob on Dick Morris and the 'Occupy' mob • Stupid 'Occupy' mobsters jumping around with bare boobs • Have a nice weekend everybody •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: Only the rich pay taxes?
Facebook: Photos of 'Operation Flea Bath'
YouTube: Ann Coulter 'This Is NOT Our Tradition! America Was NOT Founded By Mobs!'
YouTube: Dennis Kucinich 'This Is Freedom! This Is America! This Is Something We Ought To Celebrate!'
Real Clear Politics: Coulter On Wall Street Protests: 'This Is Always The Beginning Of Totalitarianism'
YouTube: DadLand: Occupy Wall Street, Now
Ritholtz: Graph: Unemployment when Nancy Pelosi took over
YouTube: DadLand: What is Atheism?
YouTube: Michael Moore on support of Occupy Wall Street protest
LAist: City Council Introduces Resolution in Support of 'Occupy LA'
Facebook: Images comparing Tea Party rallies with Occupy mobs
US National Debt Clock: Real time
CNS News: Obama Debt Now More than All Presidents from George Washington Thru George H.W. Bush Combined
YouTube: Herman Cain on Occupy Wall Street
Facebook: The Jimmy Z Zulz profile

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