Monday, October 31, 2011


Occupier: Veterans fought 'in vain' for this country
Real Clear Politics: Occupy mob is no Tea Party

Rep. Paul Ryan's Heritage Foundation speech
Show No. 198-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • After the Republican is elected, we'll still have plenty to talk about • Arthur's in Orange • The Making of 'The Cain Song'Occupy update • Protester knocks down cop on a motorcycle (who's being non-violent now?) • Audio: Obama understands the protests • Smoking dope and drum circles will solve the problems in our country • Audio: KFI welcomes Occupy protesters to their microphones on Saturday • Police refusing to arrest • Rant: US military in uniform joining the protesters lose my respect • 'International recording artist' talks about veterans 'fighting in vain for this country' • No membership, no pledge, no nothing • Respect the democratic process 'that we are creating' • When will it end? It should never end! • Think tank • Why do we even need leaders? • Pot smokers have 'profound revelations' • Endorsing Obama stimulus nonsense • Government should pay for everything • The US can be the greatest country in the world • We may decide not to hear someone out • Freedom of speech means nothing to them, yet they are exercising their own freedom of speech • Celebrities are impressive • The solution: Drum circles and pot smoking, living like animals and defecating in public • Audio: Comments from John and Ken after a day at Occupy LA

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jimmy Z Rock Block • 'The Cain Train', Jimmy Z • 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • 'Gay Army March', Jimmy Z • No hit wonder • Reading: The Occupy mob is no tea party • Audio: Obama uses Italian immigrants to embrace illegal immigration • Audio: Ray Steven with Paul Ibbetson • Audio: Part of Michael Moore talking at Occupy Oakland • Mayor of Oakland • Rant: Michael Moore is the bloated one percenter the Occupy mob is against • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama's poll numbers • Birfer flow chart • Audio: Ronald Reagan: Government is the problem • Audio: Bill Clinton: No one believes government is the problem • Audio: Rep. Paul Ryan Speaking at the Heritage Foundation

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: The Cain Train (Song Parody)
Washington Examiner: 'Cain train' rolling through Iowa
MRC TV: OccupyDenver Thugs Knock Motorcycle Cop To Ground
ABC News: Obama: Occupy Wall Street ‘Not That Different’ From Tea Party Protests
KFI AM 649: Occupy KFI, Saturday, 10/29/11
KFI AM 640: John and Ken: Occupy LA show comments
YouTube: Hippie HIll Drum Circle (2010)
Real Clear Politics: 'Occupy' Is No Tea Party
YouTube: President Obama at National Italian American Foundation Gala
YouTube: Interview Ray Stevens on the Conscience of Kansas radio program
YouTube: Occupy Oakland: Michael Moore Full Speech 10.28.2011
Freedom Torch: Jimmy Z: Member profile
Godfather Politics: Don’t Be Surprised if Obama Wins in 2012
The Jimmy Z Show: Birfer flow chart
Rasmussen: Generic Congressional Ballot
Youtube: Ronald Reagan 'Government is the problem'
Breitbart: Bill Clinton: ‘No Country On Earth Believes Government Is The Problem’
YouTube: Rep. Paul Ryan Speech at The Heritage Foundation (10-26-11)

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