Friday, October 28, 2011


Get your daughters out of the Girl Scouts
Seven year old boy joins Girl Scouts in Denver

Media supports the mob, condemns the police
Show No. 197-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening rant • Opening • The Oakland Mayor backs off and allows the protesters to stay • What if I started camping in Fullerton • Bill Keller: We are out of time • Los Angeles City Council embraced the Occupy mob • Ripping into the Girl Scouts again • Get your daughters out of the Girl Scouts • No more buying Girl Scout Cookies • Audio: Seven year old boy who lives like a girl • This mother should be jailed • Sick, sick behavior • Requests for transgender kids are growing • Audio: Clip from Bosom Buddies: Not funny anymore • Computer and internet issues interrupt my concentration • 'Bobby cried' • Doctor interview on News 9 • Girl Scouts response to CNS News: If a boy is living as a girl, 'we welcome her' • How inclusive are they really? • May 2009: World Net Daily reports on Girl Scout curriculum • Feminism, lesbianism, global warming and communist role models • Yoga, meditation • Going over a list of Girl Scout 'role models' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Days of B. Hussein', Jimmy Z • 'Obama bin Lyin', Jimmy Z • Audio: Mark Levin on John Boehner vs. the Tea Party representatives • Boehner favoring a Balance Budget Amendment without a spending cap • Taxes will be raised without a government spending cap • Romney, Boehner and McConnell would be 'republican mush' • Audio: John Boehner answers CNS News on the Balanced Budget Amendment • Audio: Levin on limiting spending • Rant: We need to know who these sell out representatives in the House are • OCCUPY MOB UPDATES • Audio: YouTube Schmo threatens the Oakland Police Department • Iraq veteran hit by tear gas canister • Rant: Police get the benefit of the doubt • Comments on YouTube supporting Occupy protest • Joe Scarborough, the Morning Schmo, attacks the police for using tear gas • 'How stupid it was' --Scarborough • Mayor Quan backs down • Mayor Villaraigosa says it cannot continue indefinitely • Damage to lawns, fig trees and businesses • Sanitation, vermin and public health problems • Rant: I don't care if the protester was a Marine or Smokey the Bear • LA City Council approved the Occupy Mob by resolution • Audio: News report from San Francisco and Oakland • Richmond Tea Party suing for a refund of $10,000 in fees that the Occupy mob didn't pay • Audio: Closing comment from Mark Levin •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LivePrayer: We Are Out of Time
9 News: Boy wanting to join Girl Scouts told 'no'
CNS News: Girl Scouts Allow 7-Year-Old Boy to Join Because He is ‘Living Life as a Girl’
World Net Daily: Girl Scouts exposed: Lessons in feminism and lesbianism
The Mark Levin Show: Audio on demand page
CNS News: Boehner Won't Rule Out Balanced Budget Amendment That Permits Unlimited Federal Spending
YouTube: Message to Oakland PD
YouTube: Breaking News Marine Corps Veteran Shot In Head By Police: I Smell a Riot
Newsbusters: 'Morning Schmo' Approach To Oakland 'Occupy': Condemn Police First, Get Facts Later
Los Angeles Times: Occupy L.A.: Ending the occupation
NBC Bay Area: Quan Pulls 180, Allows Occupy Oakland to Stay
Baltimore Sun: Richmond Tea Party wants refund; Occupy Richmond protesters camp free


commoncents said...

GLAD I FOUND YOU BLOG! Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

Jz said...

thanks for the shout out. Good work!

webmaster said...

It's an upside down world out there, Jimmy Z. Did you see where a Democrat consultant on MSNBC said Cain was on the Republican ticket as a black because "Cain knew his place." And it's not even 2012!


Jz said...

Yes, I did see that. I have it in the pile of crap. I could fill a sewage treatment plant with the pile of crap I haven't yet gotten to on the show. *LOL* And you're right - 2012 is going to be really ugly. I think Cain can handle it with grace and style. That's what it will take, because the more the left attacks him, the more they'll damage themselves. He's a GOOD GUY, and it rings through.

Brian(Robot) said...

Riddle me this you mindless fool, how many abortion doctors have been killed in the past ten years, as opposed to the number of children murdered by abortionists?

Brian(Robot) said...

Re: Oakland giving in to the Occupy Oakland animals;

"If you listen to fools, the mob rules."

-Black Sabbath

Jz said...

Both stellar comments, Brian.

Josh said...

"Riddle me this you mindless fool, how many abortion doctors have been killed in the past ten years, as opposed to the number of children murdered by abortionists?"

One is absolutely legal according the USA law and the other is illegal.

Perhaps we should make killing abortion protestors and conservatives LEGAL, since you seem to want to blur the line between lawful and unlawful.

Jz said...

Josh/Allen/John/Anonymous went a little nutty this time so I had to censor his comment:

"I won't speak for Brian, but abortion ends a life. Period. Legal or not" --Jz


Abortion is legal.

Killing doctors is not.

Killing Jimmy will soon be legal...

Go cry some more on your little un listened to radio show.

bye now.

Oh...and to any police officers reading this message...

*GO !?*%@! YOURSELF YOU LITTLE PIG* You want a piece of me? bring it on.

Jz said...

Folks: I deleted a bunch of comments from someone who is very angry, very disturbed I believe, and I apologize for having posted them in the first place. It's tempting, because it's fun to watch leftists go berserk. But after a certain point, the hateful rants and violent writing is neither edifying nor beneficial to my site. Would Limbaugh or Levin publish such irrational material on their site? No of course not. So I won't either. If Josh (or whatever he calls himself) wants to simmer down and disagree amiably, that's great. Otherwise, it's ring-a-ding-ding for you, Bozo. John Lennon would hate the stuff you write, as would Yoko. *L*

Brian (Robot) said...

"Perhaps we should make killing abortion protestors and conservatives LEGAL, since you seem to want to blur the line between lawful and unlawful."

Going by your, "logic", The Holocaust wasn't murder, because in Nazi Germany genocide was "legal".