Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Phoenix Jones: Super-hero in Seattle
Part 1 of the GOP debate analysis and highlights

Bill Keller talks about the Canadian teen suicide
Show No. 191-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Seattle Super-hero Phoenix Jones • Audio: Fox News interview and court  'opinions' • Audio: News report from KOMO, Seattle • Audio: Keith Olbermann rather can't stand Phoenix Jones (of course) • Audio: John and Ken interview Phoenix Jones • The GOP Debate: October 18, 2011 • Highlights, lowlights and commentary •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Second hour plans change • Wonderful message on marriage by David Jeremiah • Commentary: Bill Keller of Live Prayer talks about the Canadian teen suicide • Closing thoughts •


Jz said...
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Jz said...

Our friend the hysterical liberal has written a number of violence craving fantasy emails recently. I wasn't going to post them, but then I thought this is a good lesson in the kind of people who want to bring our country down. This guy hates America. He is likely one of the Occupy Mob protesters. His words speak to his psychosis. I have decided to combine all of his missives into one big screed. This is an Obama supporter expressing himself. Get a load of this -

You really think you have this imaginary force of "patriots" who will be able to defeat my side in a civil war? What planet are you living on? The so-called "patriots" (conservative bible belt secessionists) got their behind destroyed in the first civil war. If this country has another civil war, I can assure you that we won't take prisoners either. We will arm EVERY mexican, islamist, etc that we can find and ONCE AND FOR ALL eliminate you conservatives from the face of the planet.

It won't be just the liberals vs conservatives. You conservatives have people ALL OVER THE WORLD who hate your guts. You have made an enemy of mexican immigrants who will ALL join liberals in showing you the door to hell. You have made an enemy of every muslim in this country: who will do the same. You have made an enemy of 95% of the black population, who will also be happy to pay you back for years of abuse.

You will fall.. Even if you kill a good percentage of us, America will BURN DOWN in the process. You won't have a country left when war is over. GOOD RIDDANCE. America needs to BURN.

Oh and by the way, you are SO WRONG about Yoko Ono -- She is the reason why John Lennon said in the song revolution "if it comes to destruction, you can count me out / IN" - He said he put the word "IN" because if it came to destruction, he might be for it if he thought he had a chance to wipe you conservatives off the face of the planet.

Joe Arpaio's maricopa county is where the civil war will begin. Mr. Arpaio has suggested arresting Obama supporters for treason - As well as threatening to re-hash the Birth Certificate bullcrap. I am working on getting together a group large enough to overthrow his government -- This coup has much support. If you tea party thugs try to stop us once we have Joe Arpaio in handcuffs, as I'm sure they will attempt - sides will be taken, the feds WON'T be on Arpaio's side.

Joe Arpaio will not be sheriff for much longer. Once the coup is completed, we will be arresting EVERY member of the surprise tea party. This, my enemy, will be the front lines of the next civil war. Better dust off your rifles. If you doubt me, you are sadly mistaken. That rat bastard will be eating maggots before the month is up.

If you conservatives elect another warmonger like Bush - I will support any effort to overthrow the government. Do you think I should be arrested for treason???

You just BRING IT ON and TRY.

The only true citizens of this country are the native Americans. Jimmy, you are an illegal alien. you always will be.

When civil war hits - and it WILL come, I will fight with utmost passion against every evil person who wraps themselves in the disgusting U.S. flag. I will burn your flag in public squares and I *DARE* any conservative to attack me for it.

--Allen/John/Josh/anonymous et all

Jz said...